Tuesday, November 07, 2006

In a Slump

Today in my inbox I received the newsletter from PatternReview.com, and in it was an article by Welmoed Sisson. In her article, Welmoed gave a link to a free pattern for a bag re-printed with permission by Wild Ginger. The "Easy Tie Bag" looks easy to make (hence the name), and I think I'm going to add it to my growing list of things to make in the near future.

Lately I have been in a sewing slump....wanting to sew but never finding the time to do it. In days past, I never went more than a few days without sewing something. Those days are gone, I'm afraid. The older the children get the busier we are it seems.

Wilmoed's article is titled "
Ways to Revitalize Yourself and Inspiration from Unusual Sources." She gives some excellent suggestions of ways to "restore your sewing mojo," as she puts it. If you also are in a sewing slump, take a look at the article. After a few days the article will only be available to Pattern Review members, so you may want to look at it soon if you're not a member.


  1. Thought I'd share my tip for pulling out of the slump.

    Day 1: MAKE yourself sew for 15 minutes. Use the kitchen timer.

    Day2: MAKE yourself sew for 15 minutes, then wander away for 15 to do something else, come back and sew for another 15.

    After 2 days, I rarely need to force myself. Not like it's really forcing, it is more like giving myself permission. ;o)

  2. I have been in a horrid slump myself as I stare at my growing pile! ;o)


  3. moondollars momApril 06, 2009

    Today, in a beginning computer class that I teach, one of my new students described the baby bassinet drawstring purse she used to make for children and grandchildren. She has lost her pattern, but not yet confident enough to search the web. Your little purse looks exactly as she described it to me. Would you please send the pattern so that I can give it to her?
    She will be so pleased. This is a class for senior citizens.