Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Need help with machine quilting

Seriously frustrated sewist here...

I could use some help if anyone has any experience doing free-hand quilting (stippling) using metallic thread. I'm making a couple of table runners and quilting them with gold metallic thread in both the bobbin and the top thread. Yesterday I was able to get 1 and 1/2 of them done, (with some problems, but they were managable) but today I haven't been able to quilt more then 2 inches it seems without major issues. Here's what happens...I'll be sewing along, and suddenly the bobbin thread will catch and pull. If I try to just keep going, it breaks, and I have a break in my line of quilting. If when it catches, I stop and pull it off and start over, it'll start again ok, and then the same thing will happen several inches later. Also, about half the time it starts fine and looks ok until I realize that although the top threads lookloose, the underside of the stitching is a mess of loopy loops. I'm guessing this is a tension issue? I'm so frustrated that I am about to kill this sewing project...I don't know if it's my machine, or the thread I'm using, my needles, (I've already broken 2) or my technique, but I'm about ready to run out of my spool of thread now, so maybe I'll just wad it up and forget about having a beautiful fall table runner for my buffet in my dining room.


  1. use a regular thread in the bobbin, even a lighter weight. Also there is a special needle for the thread you are using. It is tricky but I think this will help. let us know. Bonnie

  2. Jessica, just a thought...you might want to check your needle size. Also, if you have your machine instruction book, it should have a trouble shooting section that might shed some light on the problem. Hope this helps!

    Gloria H.

  3. yea, i think you may need to put regular thread in the bobbin.

  4. Jessica, I agree with the above mentioned. Try regular thread in the bobbin....that matches your fabric of course.....and you may need a special needle with a larger eye to accomodate the metallic thread.