Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sassy Stripes

I've spent too many hours on these socks to rip them out, but that's what I'm going to do. Sigh. The socks are too small--not enough stretch when on. They look like they'd fit 11 year old Ellen if I were to finish them. But, since blue is my favorite color and I really like the stripes, I'm going to take them apart and start over. And just look, the stripes even match. Sigh. Again.

On another note, Flat Cat's socks, mentioned in the previous post almost fit Emily. Almost, but with no growing room. I guess Elliot will eventually grown into them, so Jessica... they're yours! Remind me, because I tend to forget things. By the way, the stripes on the green socks are not supposed to match, okay? :-)


  1. Leave your slip knot from your cast-on intact to mark the starting should help line the stripes back up again easier. They are beautiful.

  2. what is the yarn that you are using? It makes very attractive socks.

  3. The yarn is Cascade's Sassy Stripes yarn. It's a wool/nylon blend.