Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Teaching Ellen to Sew

This summer I intended to spend one day each week with Ellen to teach her to sew. It has not happened regularly, but yesterday we did sew together. While I worked on a handbag, Ellen made a pillowcase! This is the second pillowcase that Ellen has sewn, and she did a fabulous job on it.

We used instructions from a 4-H extension office in Utah (link here) that were very detailed and clear--perfect for a young girl learning to sew. The instructions give options for a contrasting border edge and a contrast trim. Ellen chose to do the contrast trim, but not the contrast border. She was happy with her pillowcase and expressed a desire to make more for gifts. I'm going to encourage her all I can--I have a future seamstress in the making! :-)



  1. Looks great! She should be proud of her new pillowcase.

  2. AnonymousJuly 11, 2007

    What a beautiful pillow, I just love this fabric and kids are so proud when they make something on her own... that reminds me on something what my daughter made when she was 4... she love to sew too...

    What a great time you both had...

    Greetings from Germany