Monday, January 07, 2008

Sewing Room Makeover Part 4

Pressing Accessories Organization

My mother-in law gave me this J. P. Coats tin for Christmas. It's perfect for holding all my ironing accessories like my starch, ham, lint brush, hemming guide, and the iron water pitcher. I love how it even goes with the colors and look of my newly decorated room.

My sewing table is at a right angle to my ironing board, so I can set the tin on the table and have everything within reach.

I haven't had time to do much else in my room yet. I still want to reorganize the closet and stash, buy and decorate a large bulletin to put over my ironing board, and make machine covers for my serger and sewing machine.

One thing I want to do this year is to keep better track of the projects I've sewn. Christina at Assorted Notions blogged about how she plans to keep track of her yardage purchased and sewn in a fun vintage style notebook. I have a similar notebook that Katie gave me last year that I haven't done anything with yet. I'm not going to track my yardage in and out, because I simply don't buy that much unless I have a specific project in mind, but I am going to keep track of each project I sew, write a description, pattern, etc and glue in a swatch of the fabric used. I've started my first page for the new new curtains!

On another night, my pink eye is not improving, and I need your prayers. I'm especially worried about Elliot getting it, because viral pink eye is supposed to be highly contagious, and I know that he will be miserable and hard to handle if he gets it. I'm pretty miserable the way it is, and I'm an adult who can cope...well most of the time. I've had a few crying spells today. The extra lubrication feels good on my eyes anyway! =)



  1. Jessica, if by chance you nurse your baby, express some breastmilk and drip into your eyes. It will soothe and heal!
    Hope you are better soon!

  2. besides breastmilk in your eyes (it really works great), warm compresses done often will help also. hold it on your eye for a few minutes, then wipe your eye from outside corner to inside corner. do it a few times with a new clean section of the washcloth, and do a compress a few times a day. you should be washing or using a new pillowcase every night too.

    your sewing room is looking lovely!

  3. I am saying a prayer for you, Jessica. Hope you feel better soon!

    Your sewing room looks great!

  4. That is the perfect book to track your sewing projects!

    Hope you get better soon.

  5. Jessica,
    We're praying you get well soon and that baby dosen't get sick!

    ~Gloria and Chloe~

  6. I am enjoying your sewing room makeover pictures. My sewing machine, ironing board, etc. are set up in a small room formerly known as the foyer. LOL. It also has a piano in there. Kind of crowded, but there's no where else. I run back and forth from the kitchen table where I cut out and pin, etc. It probably won't be long before I have an empty nest and can use a bedroom, but I do like it where it is because its near the kitchen and TV room and I can be near my hubby while sewing.