Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sewing Room Update Part 5

I'm almost done with the updates to my sewing room. I'm ready to stop working on it, and work in it!

We found this awesome, frame-less bulletin board at Hobby Lobby. It's perfect for over my ironing board. I love how it doesn't have that cheap looking wooden frame around the edge.

I plan to eventually cover it with fabric...whenever I come across the perfect print. That will add color and interest to the otherwise plain wall. For now, a garland of roses makes a nice decoration.

Yes, those are sweet baby bibs on the ironing board. I still need to put snaps or Velcro on them. I'm not sure snaps will go through the nubby chenille fabric of the lighter one, so I probably will use Velcro on that one. They are reversible.

Behind my machines, I put up 3 cork board strips, end to end. They were really cheap at Office Max, and the wall behind my machines is perfect for them. I really like being able to tack up my pattern directions behind my machines--it keeps them getting misplaced or lost under piles of other stuff. Plus, the directions are right there as I need them!

Just in time for Valentine's Day....I LOVE my new heart garlands. I saw the idea (originally done with fabric) in a BHG magazine. To make them, I cut out hearts in two sizes from pretty scrapbook papers. I glued the smaller hearts on top of the larger ones, punched holes in the sided, and tied then together with pretty ribbons. Very simple, and so pretty to look at! I also have one over my living room window, but couldn't get a good picture.



  1. Love your hearts! That is a great idea. And I love your Pfaff. I have a 7550 model from 1995. Still running incredibly. You have made a cozy "nest" in your sewing room.

  2. Very pretty. The cork board is a great idea, one that I've been meaning to implement for a while. The bibs are too cute, and the heart bunting is wonderful!

  3. Your sewing room is rockin'!

    Love the hearts! I have something similar (but in fabric) on my cutting table...let's see if I get it done before V-Day...LOL!

    With friendship,

  4. I love that heart garland! And your sewing room is very nice. I love the cork board. I can see it covered in a black on white toile with pink and green ribbons criss-crossed over it!

  5. I thought of you when I was working on my sewing room yesterday. I copied your idea of the garland on the cork board, except mine is made of sunflowers.