Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fun news this morning!

Oh my, I just found out that my pancakes pincushions are featured on the banner of Whiteley Creek Bed and Breakfast in Brainerd, Minnesota!

Adrienne, the B&B owner, purchased two of my pincushions some time ago and asked if she could use them in her site design. Of course I didn't mind, and am delighted with her photography and design. They look so much cuter on her blog then they do in my photos on etsy!

Now I want to take a trip to Minnesota, because I know the perfect place to stay...



  1. that is so adorable! Who would ever have thought?? If you hadn't said they were pincushions I would have just thought they were fabric pancakes. :) Great Job!!!

  2. That's just too cute! How fun!

  3. Very cool! Maybe you could use her photography as an ad on etsy?

  4. Very cute and how fun for you.

  5. Oh you must visit Minnesota - I grew up their and this brings back memories. It is a beautiful state - cannot say the same for Texas which is where I now live! I love all your projects - such inspiration they provide for all of us - thanks.

  6. Awesome! The banner looks so cute, thanks to you! I know it makes you proud.