Sunday, April 06, 2008

More Ottobre Sewing

Yes, I've been sewing again from my Ottobre 1/08 magazine, and for Emily again. This time I made the "Hugs" t-shirt and "Misty" skirt.

After reading on the Ottobre discussion list about how difficult the instructions were for the this t-shirt, I was surprised how nicely and easily it went together for me.

Instead of putting in a zipper on the skirt, I sewed a bias-cut casing to the top tier and inserted elastic through the casing. I just could not see using a zipper for a 2-year old! I am pleased with the results of the bias casing and elastic. I love how the skirt has an underlayer that is longer than the top layer.

The top is a size 98, and the skirt is a size 104. The knit fabric for the top came from my stash, but I bought the cotton skirt fabric.

I love how this outfit looks on Emily; it will be perfect for the warm months ahead.

Next on the sewing agenda---the "Daisy" shirt for my 11 year old. I have already traced the pattern but probably won't have time to sew until Wednesday or Thursday. Sometimes life just gets in the way of sewing.... :-)



  1. this outfit is absolutely adorable!


  2. Oh-I LOVE this. It looks so great with those light curls!

  3. I love it... it is so cute on your little one...

    Ottobre is great... it has so many patterns for boys and girls... and all those sizes... I just love it too...

    Warm Regards


  4. I love the blue colors and they look so cute on Emily! Great outfit!

  5. Very cute! My DGD now has two outfits similar to what you have made for your little girl! These are so CUTE!!!

    Lynda in LV

  6. VERY CUTE! :o) You convinced me now. I found it on eBay and ordered!

  7. Lynda, Your top and shirt picture on your blog is what inspired me to do this outfit. I once made a quilt in pink and green like your outfit, and I love your color combinations.

    Theresa---glad you bought an Ottobre magazine...can't wait to see what you create!

    Thanks again, everyone, for your encouraging comments!

  8. Ruth would you mind emailing me as I am going to do the Hug and Misty this week. I want to make sure I am doing it correctly as the directions look cryptic, but I do have an idea of how it goes. I also like the idea of the bias casing. Having just finished three girl dresses with zippers, I'm tired of them! LOL I am almost done with the first Rose dress (I have twins, one more to go) and while I thought it was a fairly easy sew overall, I am not as pleased with my sewing, lots of little things that I did not like and the fitting is strange. I love how you did your daughter's Rose. Mine are 5 and one wears a 5 and the other a 6, so I was thinking about using size 116 and am also wondering how this compares to how you chose sizing for your daughter. The 116 is a little large for the daughter who wears a 5 but about right for the 6. Sorry for long comment here! :o) talindamood at hotmail dot com Thanks! Theresa