Saturday, April 19, 2008

To Topstitch or Not to Topstitch

I'm making a simple 8-gore skirt for Ellen with the same pattern as this skirt I made her last December. The fabric for this skirt is a lightweight denim.

My dilemma: Should I topstitch the seams in white? Should I topstitch along only one side of each seam or two? Or, should I topstitch in navy blue? Or the traditional yellow-gold that you see on jeans? Remember, there are 8 gores, so 8 seams.

To topstitch, or not to topstitch? That is the question I'm asking. Opinions are wanted, please. :-)
I can't continue with the waist treatment until you help me decide.

Oh, and if you have any great topstitching tips or suggestions, please tell me! I've not done a whole lot of this, and I can use all the help I can get.

Note to self: google search "topstitching"

Sample pictures below:

happy sewing,



  1. I like it without the topstitching, but I like it with the topstitching too! :) If I were doing it, I would topstitch with the yellow-gold thread that is used on denim, but the white looks nice too.

    Did that help any? LOL

  2. Hmmm, that is a tough question. I like it with the topstitching. If you decide to topstitch, try doing only on one side at first and then see if you'd like to do it on two sides. The white looks nice!

  3. I think it will look lovely no matter what! I am terrible at trying to make these type of tastes are kind of simple and plain, so I would probably topstitch with navy blue.
    Looking forward to seeing it finished!

  4. Ruth......What type of look are you going for? Casual or more dressy? If you want casual...I'd topstitch one side of the seam. If you want more dressy...I would not topstitch (or else I would use the same color thread as skirt).

    Have you asked your daughter what color she would like? White or gold stands out more than navy...which is fine of course, if that's what makes her happy.

    I'm thinking of making a 6 gore linen skirt for myself and I'm pretty sure I'm going to topstitch with a matching color thread if I do.

    As for topstitching you have an edgestitch foot for your machine? It makes a huge difference!!! Or you could maybe use a blind hemming foot because they usually have a guide on the side as well. Just a few thoughts for you...not sure it will help or not!!!

  5. I like the topstitching in white, more of a summery look. The two rows look more casual to me, the one row a bit more dressy. I like them both, sorry not much help.

  6. I like the topstitching on one side, and in white or gold. I usually use my overlock/overedge foot since mine has a thin edge so it sits in the seam well. HTH! I look forward to seeing what you decide to do!

  7. I would topstitch it with white if it's going to be a summer skirt and gold or blue if it's going to be worn year round. I would only do one side as doing both sides would be too busy with the eight seams. The topstitching will also help to keep the seams laying down after washings.

  8. Have you decided what to do? What does Ellen like best?

    Personally, I think the white looks really sharp, and so stylish.

  9. I really like the 2nd pic with it on both sides. I think a fun color would be interesting, like magenta, lime green, or salmon... (though the white looks crisp). Does she have a favorite color with shirts to go along?
    Best of luck deciding.