Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've been in the sewing mode....

Yesterday I finished off a couple of mini quilts I started last summer. I was trying to use up some pretty little scraps, and these just sort of evolved. If they don't sell, (they're in my etsy shop right now) I plan to hang the rose one in my sewing room, and the little chick one in Elliot's room.

Some time ago I bought a bunch of flannel at Joann's on a $2 per yard sale. I've been intending to start making crochet-edged blankets like Mom does for gifts and to sell. Today I finally got the 6 blankets cut out and serged. It didn't take any time and now they are ready to start crocheting on!



  1. Oh, Jess! How can you part with the mini quilts? They are beautiful! So pretty!

  2. Those are 2 of the cutest little quilts around! I agree ... how can you part with them? Can't wait to see the crochet edgings on your blankets!

  3. I love the mini quilts. I would love to make some because I'm too busy sewing other stuff to get any bed size ones made. Yours are beautiful. I never did get the hang of the crochet edge blankets, but before I die, I AM GOING TO!!! Thanks for the inspiration.