Thursday, August 28, 2008

Favorite Socks

Favorite Socks.... the book by Interweave has become a favorite of mine for some great sock patterns.

I really have not knit much this summer---I think knitting is a winter hobby for me. But in the car when I'm not driving I do take my knitting with me. A few weeks ago I finished this pink pair of "Embossed Leaves" by Mona Schmidt from the Favorite Socks book.

The burgundy socks were completed several months ago, and actually, I like this pattern better than the Embossed Leaves pattern. This design is "Retro Rib" by Evelyn Clark. These are knit in KnitPicks Essential yarn.

So---I no longer have any socks on the needle, although I do admit to having yarn for several more pairs in my yarn collection. After Labor Day I plan to choose some yarn and start another pair. I can't do without at least one pair of socks on the needles!



  1. Oooh, very pretty!!! Both of them! I like the color on the embossed leaf socks.

    I have several skeins of sock yarn, but I've been knitting a baby blanket. I'm itching to make socks though, so I'll probably start some soon.

    I used your tutorial to make a receiving blanket. :) Thanks for the tut...pic on my blog!

  2. Yah, knitting does seem like a winter thing. I did knit a new purse this summer though!
    The socks look really soft and warm. =)

  3. Oh - when I saw your post, I was also going to tell you about a beautiful sock yarn I saw today at my LYS. It's called Panda Soy and is made with bamboo, soy and nylon. It looks gorgeous! It isn't self-striping though, but the color combos were so pretty! I looked on Ravelry, and there were only a few projects using this yarn, so it must be relatively new!

  4. Oh Ruth I love your socks!

    I was thrilled to finally learn how to knit socks a couple of years ago. And very happy to find some new to me sock yarns today at Hobby Lobby. I had to try a skein of the RH Heart and Sole and will knit my favorite vintage "peds" pattern.

  5. Tammy--Oh, I'll have to look for the bamboo/soy/nylon yarn. My favorite sock yarn that I've used so far is Tofuties which has some soy in soft!

    KarenH---Sock yarn at Hobby Lobby! I'll have to check it out! Last time I looked there was none to be found.

    Kaci--You really should try knitting socks sometime. It's rather addicting, though. Oh, and I can't wait to see your new purse. What color? Style? Etc.?

  6. Ruth,

    The HL we went to (I'm in Tulsa.) had 2 Bernat varieties, one of those the stretch type. And 2 from Red Heart, Sock Ease and Heart and Sole w/Aloe.

    There was very little in the shelf. I'm hoping it was due to people buying it all so they will see enough sales to keep it on the shelf!!!

    It has been years since they've sold sock yarn here. I had just starting learning how to knit when they clearanced the Bernat Hot Sox yarn for a bit over $1 skein. I picked up just a couple of skeins then. I was so sad to see that stuff discontinued just as I was getting interested in socks. It wears like iron!

    I'm excited about a couple of road trips we are going to be making soon. Good sock knitting possibilites. :)

  7. My Hobby Lobby has sock yarn if you're lucky. Most of the time though, they don't carry it.

  8. I once heard that sock knitting was hard. Is that true? Everything that I've knit in the past has been with pretty simple patterns.

    As for the purse, it's a lot like the one I made a year or so ago. I don't know if you remember it or not? I thought about using all these different colors, but ended up w/ black again. It was really easy to make and simple. In fact, it's the same basic pattern as the last one, but I changed the size of the purse. There might soon be a pic of it on flickr if I think about it. :)

  9. I like both pairs of socks. I find that I go through stages when I just don't feel like knitting (the 105* on the thermometer kind of discourages the urge too! lol). I have a knee injury and am going stir crazy behaving, so I have picked up knitting again.

    I missed your blog while I was on vacation and I am having fun catching up.