Friday, August 08, 2008

Jammies for Jacob

Jacob always asks me why I don't sew for him like I do for his sisters, so I decided to make him some much needed pajamas. You know, it's just not as much fun sewing for boys as it is for girls, at least in my opinion. :) But Jacob was delighted with his new pjs, and that made it worth it. Both the summer and winter jammies are from Kwik Sew's Sewing for Children book.

Size Medium (7/8)
No seams down the side of the pants legs.
Just the right amount of "too big" for this coming winter.
Fabric: Jersey knit for the tops, interlock knit for the pants/shorts.

With the fabric scraps, I had just enough to make a shirt for the most adorable little grandson in the world---Eliott---see Jessica's previous post.

happy sewing,


  1. I like the top fabric...

    and I also thought it is much more fun to sew for girls... but you can do so many nice things for boys too...

    And my son appreciates it much more than my daughter does... he is so easy going and loves everything I sew for him...

    Warm regards


  2. I love the knit you used!

  3. Ruth, You and Jessica have to be two of the most blessed seamstresses that God has created! Your work is wonderful. You did an excellent job of making Jacob's PJ's. Both you and Jessica are such inspirations, naturally and spiritually. I enjoy your blog and wanted to thank you for the comments you left on mine in the past. I took some time off from my blogging, but have started back this past week. Come "visit" me on my blog again whenever you like. Love and prayers, Debbie - WV

  4. We often leave out the "guys" when sewing - it's great to make something comfy and cool for them , too! I sewing pretty much for ladies & girls; but, you have given me an idea for little boys now.

    I am starting a pattern giveaway series, and actually, I may reconsider giving away some of my boy's patterns - have to think it over now...

    You really do nice work! Bless you both!


  5. Super always!

  6. Those P.J.'s are really cute and Jacob looks really happy to have them! I am in the middle of making some for my youngest and was wondering where do you find the knits in cute patterns? Do you buy them online? Beautiful job, Ruth!