Saturday, June 13, 2009

Photo Update from Jessica

Well, I have been sewing bits and pieces here and there. I made 3 pairs of pj pants a couple weeks ago but don't have any pics to share with you. I uploaded a new baby quilt in my shop tonight and am working on finishing this one too...I just have to sew the binding on it.

Tonight I refashioned a garage sale skirt for myself. It was one of those gathered peasant style skirts with multiple layers, and it was too long and too big, so I cut off the zipper and put elastic in the waist, and then I cut off one of the bottom layers to make it shorter. Really easy and now I have a new skirt that only cost $1.00!

This last week I made Marie a sweet baby girl dress. I used a vintage Mccalls pattern, lace from my stash (no idea where it came from!) and a Lecien print that I'd ordered in March. It actually came out huge (just really, really fat), and I didn't realize it till it was completely done. So I had to cut it apart and cut some off the sides. So frustrating. I don't know why I didn't try it on before I put the sleeves in.

Marie didn't want cooperate for the photo shoot. She wouldn't look at us or smile and ended up in tears before we were done. Even Aunt Katie couldn't console her. Poor baby, it was really hot and humid and we were making her sit on the *grass*.

I need to take some pictures of my garden. Yes, I have a real garden this year! My tomato plants have lots of little green tomatoes and I'm hoping to get carrots, cucumbers, squash, bell peppers, and okra. I already got some lettuce and bunches of sweet snow peas.

I will share a picture of my new compost system built from seven old pallets. I'm thankful I have such a handy husband to build me things like this!

The first bin if full of mulched leaves and grass and kitchen scraps, and we are starting to add to the second one. If only excitement would make it age faster. It certainly doesn't look like real compost yet despite the fact that I check on it almost daily.

We took Elliot and Marie to the zoo last week for the first time...we saw lions, and bears, and bats (shutter). We all had so much fun!



  1. Oh my goodness!! Marie is so yummy!!! The dress is darling and the fabric is perfect for her. I love the quilt too!

  2. Oh, Marie is adorable in her pretty new dress!

  3. And Jess---I'd love to see a pic of your refashioned skirt. And the quilt after you sew the binding on. It's beautiful. What pattern did you use?

  4. AnonymousJune 14, 2009

    I second the picture of you in your skirt! Oh now I have visions of compost bins in my head! They are so nice...can't you see them off by the barn?! You said they have extras at the place across the street? I see a trip in our future :)