Sunday, June 21, 2009

Progress--Slow but Steady

In the 30 minutes I had for sewing today, I put the bodice together--complete except for buttonholes and buttons. I couldn't wait to try it on Emily, and I'm happy to report that the fit will be perfect!

The instructions called for sewing the sash ties directly on top of the side seams after the dress is completely finished. Instead, I chose to sew the sash ends into the side seam allowance. This gives a smoother look and avoids turning the raw edges under and topstitching the ties down. Also, instead of gathering, I made a little pleat in each tie before sewing it into the seam allowance.

After sewing the lining together with the fashion fabric and turning it right sides out, I pressed the seam allowance with the fashion fabric slightly rolled to the inside. I also edge stitched the lining to the seam allowance to ensure that the lining will not peek out on the right side.

I love the back of the dress, especially the big bow. Now I need to decide on buttons, 3 down the back and 2 for the straps.

This week I hope to finish the dress. The skirt should go together quickly once I get past the placket. From past experience, my plackets don't come out that great. Any suggestions for a good placket method? I'm open to any tips you can give me!



  1. It looks great and your daughter is a cutie!

    You are a woman after my own heart regarding the sash issue. I hate raw edges so I would have done exactly what you did, sewing the sash into the seam.

    As to the placket, I always cut the placket piece on the bias, even though most patterns have it straight on grain. I just mark the skirt and slash it, then pin on the placket piece and sew it on with long stitches first. Then I press it open and resew with regular stitches. Then I fold the placket into place and press it down. Then I handsew the bias piece down. I never machine sew that because I have ended up with puckers too many times. But doing it this way, I never have puckers. Oh...and I use Fray Check at the very point of the slash so that it does not fray.

  2. So stinking cute it's gonna be. The fabric choices are lovely. Sorry I can't help you with the placket. I don't even know what a placket it. Isn't that just silly? You are a wonderful seamstress and I am sure you will do the placket fine.

  3. I really love that fabric. It will be a really cute dress.

  4. I did a tutorial for plackets with pictures, this particular one is for sleeves, but the instructions are same no matter where the placket is. It is similar to what Goosegirl said, but I always stay stitch before slashing into any fabric.

  5. I just did a placket on the little blue dress for Marie, and I didn't really have any problems with it. There was a center back seam that you just sewed partway up, so I'm wondering if that made it easier then slashing a slit down the back. I love all the ideas here: stay-stitching before slashing, cutting the placket piece on the bias, and using fray check at the point. Let us know how it goes!

  6. I agree with Jessica---lots of great ideas here. I've done plackets before, very similar to Summerset's tutorial, but I always have trouble at the center. It may be that I have never used a bias cut placket before. So, thanks you, Goosegirl and Summerset, for the suggestions. I hope to get to this today. Cheryl and Trudy, thanks for the encouraging comments. And Cheryl, LOL about the placket. It's not silly--I avoid plackets if I can. :)

  7. I don't know if this will help or not, but the oliver + s blog just posted a tutorial on placket sewing.

  8. Already she's so cute. When the dress will be finished she 'll look prettier. I am one of your new visitors but a regular one now. I like your blog a lot.