Sunday, January 31, 2010

The best time to sew Easter finery.... when you're holed up during a snowstorm!

This last weekend Oklahoma was hit with a pretty large ice and snow storm...a lot a people were without power for a few days while the electric companies worked to repair the damage from all the ice and trees that had fallen on power lines. We were very grateful to be able to spend the weekend with my in-laws who have a fireplace (and heat) in case of power outages.

My sister-in-law and I got busy and made her a new dress for this Spring. It was kind of fun to be sewing something so light and spring-y while the snow was piling up outside!

The pattern we picked was one Mom made for my sister, Katie, last summer. McCalls 5804. The only major alteration we needed to do was the make the piece that goes around the ribcage larger...the length of the one that was the correct one for her bodice size was several inches too small. Very weird, but we got it figured out.

This is such a cute pattern. I'd like to possibly make one for myself this summer. We'll see. =)

Here she is, almost finished with the dress. All that's left is to hem it, and do a bit of handstitching where we turned the lining through on the bodice. The fabric is a pale pink linen blend with little brown flower sprigs.



  1. Very pretty. I love that dress and loved the one last summer. I may need to try that pattern for my India.

  2. It turned out very nice. The color looks great on her, too.

  3. It's lovely. A wonderful dress for spring indeed!

  4. Very pretty and spring-y. I've been bitten by the spring sewing bug as well, despite the sub-zero temps. Maybe it's how we combat the cold?

  5. That is a cute dress! It fits her beautifully and the color is gorgeous on her. (What beautiful skin.)

  6. The dress looks lovely on her.
    I showed my daughter the post from last year and she loved it so much she went hunting for the pattern and some fabric to make it. She is almost done with hers. i will post on my blog.

  7. What a pretty dress! She looks fabulous :) x

  8. Greetings from Tokyo! Very pretty dress!

    No snowstorm here. Last evening, it finally snowed here in the city although yes, we have snow in the countryside. My kids were so thrilled &'m glad it snowed. I had promised them that it would snow in the city & if it had not, I would have to climb up the roof to throw shaved ice! Happy week!