Monday, January 04, 2010

Pink Skort

Cindy from Sew Blessed Designs has created this wonderful skort pattern for girls, and I was honored to be one of the pattern testers. Let me tell you, I really like this pattern! It's oh-so-practical for little girls who aren't always modest, but yet it's adorable and classic in style as well.

The options to create varied styles with this pattern are many: full elastic waistband or flat front waistband with elastic only in the back, pleated or gathered skirt, shorts or no shorts underneath, and any combination of design elements.

The directions are well-written, and the illustrations are well-drawn and very helpful. The line drawings remind me of some of the heirloom sewing patterns that I've used in the past. I found that the pattern runs true to size according to my daughter's measurements. As a personal preference, I did lengthen the skirt by 2 inches. The only change that I made to the pattern was to add interfacing to the waistband.

The skirt can be made with assorted fabrics for totally different looks. I chose to use a solid pink twill from my stash so that Emily could wear the skort with her
Pink Stuff tops that I made a few months ago. However, I can't wait to make up the pattern again in a cotton print. Oh, and just think how this would look in denim with contrast topstitching.... So many possibilities!

Cindy's pattern can be found at her
Etsy shop or at Farmhouse Fabrics. I'm not getting commission or anything for writing this, I just love the pattern that much. :)

Okay, pictures of Emily wearing the skort-- Cloudy skies, chilling temperatures, and a cold little girl do not make for good pictures, but here you go.



  1. How adorable , you always do an amazing job . I love this pattern .

  2. Happy New Year to you and Jessica!
    Bless Emily's sweet heart for braving the cold weather temps so you could have a photo for the blog. : ) That skort is too cute. Too bad my daughter is in college. Otherwise I would be scooping up this pattern.

  3. The skort turned out adorable! That's nice that the pattern goes all the way up to size 10.

  4. The pink skort is so adorable. I know my Emily of would love this.

  5. how cute! if i had a girl i'd sew all these cute little things. adorable!

  6. Hello,

    a very good idea for our little girl either for us in fact!
    I wish you an happy new year, healthy and creative

  7. Ruth...your pleated skort looks amazing!!! Thanks so much for testing this pattern for me!!!

  8. What a great pattern! I love the idea and Emily is so cute wearing it.

  9. Very cute! I love that color pink!

  10. I'm just a beginner so I'll ask what may be a dumb question: do the pleats have to be ironed in each time the skort is washed?

    1. Not a dumb question at all! Depending on your fabric, the pleats may or may not need to be ironed each time. A crisp fabric will hold pleats better than a softer fabric. Also, you can "set" the pleats (google it), I think with vinegar. Another method would be to stitch along the fold of each pleat as close to the edge as possible. Thanks for asking!