Monday, January 25, 2010

Last Summer Ottobre Dress

I've been horrible about updating lately...sorry! I have been sewing as ever, here and there, a little bit at a time. At the beginning of December I did another craft fair and after that I was a bit burnt out on sewing. I made a couple of scarves for Christmas gifts and that was it as far as Christmas/holiday sewing and crafting. The craft fair went well though, and after a lovely holiday break with my husband out of school for a month, I'm ready to get back into sewing and blogging! Right now I have a couple loungewear items cut out and started sewing. Last week I finished a very scrappy baby boy quilt for a good friend (I'll share pictures soon, I promise!).

Today I thought I'd resurrect photos from an old post draft that I never finished last summer. This is one of my first Ottobre patterns, from the Woman's Autumn/Winter 2008 catalog...the "Simple-Yet-Elegant Pintuck Dress". I LOVED the photos of this dress in the magazine, but sadly it makes me feel fat every time I wear it and my husband doesn't really like it. Two strikes and you're out, I say.

I think the problem is that the waist tie doesn't sit at a very flattering spot on me, and the material is a bit stiff and not drape-y enough, making my waist look thicker. I am thin, but I don't have a defined waist at all. Does anyone know what to wear to help this? I would think that belting in a waist would help define it, but it only made me feel thicker in this instance. Oh well.

Have a great day and look for more postings soon!


  1. Have you tried belting the dress with another belt, instead of the belt made out of the same fabric? Maybe a wider belt, even with a popping colour (or just black or grey ofcourse). I am sure that would made a lot of difference!

  2. I agree with trying another belt. It might cinch it in tighter. It's such a lovely dress. If that doesn't work, maybe you can make it again in a drapey fabric.

  3. Karin and Trudy, I agree, a different belt might work. Red would be really fun. The only issue is that I don't own any cute belts. =(

    Thanks for the opinions!

  4. If you have any leftover or coordinating fabric, maybe you could try making a thicker belt that would really hold it in. I think a wider, Obi-type belt might be good, and you can make those out of fabric. I hope you try the dress again. It's cute!

  5. Hurray for a new post! Thanks Jessica! :)

  6. You are welcome, Rachel! I am actually feeling more inspired to blog again. We'll see if it lasts...

  7. I vote for adding some darts at/under the bust, and maybe adding a side zipper, if that will work out. Then you would have a nice shape for the dress, and the tie wouldn't look so bulky at the waist. (I personally dislike the outside-belt-thing). Just an idea.

  8. I made the top version of this dress and felt the same way about the belt - probably since I'm more of a plank shape than an hourglass (: I lean more toward waist-shaping in the garment than toward belts.

    However, I like the ideas mentioned above, and you might have fun making your own belt.