Thursday, January 28, 2010

The latest (and greatest!)

My version of the stacked coins quilt...I think this baby quilt may be my favorite yet!

The thing I love about this one is that, with the exception of the solid white and solid blue backing fabrics, all of the prints are bits and pieces that I had laying about, scraps from other quilts, and leftovers from my craft fair sewing. There are a lot of different sewing memories in this quilt for me, and I was so happy to give it to one of my best friends for her new baby boy.

The solid white and blue are Kona cotton solids. I love Kona's such nice quality and comes in so many pretty colors.

I think I love the back of this quilt almost as much as the front!

The inspiration for the quilting came from a quilt that Film in the Fridge made last fall. I loved her fall quilt, and had bookmarked it to try her method of quilting someday...It's just wavy lines going up and down, criss-crossing randomly here and there, all the way across the quilt.

Has anyone seen the new-ish Love U line by Moda? I have a charm pack set of the prints and am hoping to make a quick quilt out of them soon. The little owls and snails, and the trees... Oh my! Too cute!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Gorgeous! The colors are wonderful.

  2. It looks so lovely. The colour combo is gorgeous.

  3. love your take on the coin quilt. so pretty. I also love the back as well.
    What a sweet gift.

  4. one of my favorites that you've made


  5. love it!!! great mix of colors!

  6. That is one gorgeous quilt!

  7. I love the colors on that!

  8. What is the stitching pattern all over the quilt... whats the technique called. I dont know how to do the top stitching patterns and what they are called. Can you help?