Saturday, March 20, 2010

Birthday Gift

Last week when I wrote about a flopped top I was making for my niece's first birthday, several of you asked to see the fabric. Mom even had a few good suggestions for fixing it, but after I let it sit for a couple days I decided to remake it into something completely different.

I cut ruffles off of the top, took the hems out (yes, I do a lot of ripping out too!) and fashioned the ruffles into a simple tiered skirt with an elastic waist. I was really happy that I didn't end up wasting too much of the fabric after all.

Then I bought a plain white 12mo shirt at Walmart and appliqued a simple flower on it.'s an outfit!

The hat was from the original pattern I was using. It came out huge...seriously, it fits my 3 year old. Oh will fit her someday!



  1. This outfit is so, so cute. You're an awesome auntie! What technique did you use for the applique? Did you use iron on adhesive stuff or some other method? I just did something kind of similar for my son's birthday using steam a seam.

  2. Cute fabrics. they are so happy and springy. So glad you were able to salvage the fabric and make the outfit work.

  3. I really like this outfit! You turned something bad into something good! I'm glad it all worked out!

  4. Excellent refashion - very cute and nice way to salvage something.