Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pink Shoes and Love

Easter is just one week away, and I half decided not to make Emily an Easter dress this year. After all, she has a handful of just-her-size smocked and heirloom sewn dresses that I made for Ellen about 10 years ago when I was in the smocking phase.

I don't hang onto everything that I sew, but I have kept the hand-smocked dresses I made in years past. Emily does not need another nice dress, but the funny thing is, when I pulled these dresses out of the closet I felt inspired to dig out my pleater and start another smocked dress. Common sense won out (who has the time to smock? Not me!), and I decided not to make another fancy dress. Besides, the dress I made last year still fits, albeit a bit shorter, but it still fits.

Instead, I'm going to sew a simple peasant-style dress. Samantha at The Handmade Dress once had a giveaway on her blog and I won the "Miss Madeline" pattern. I'm excited to start it, and I have the perfect fabric to use. Perfect, because it matches the to-die-for hot pink shoes that Emily fell in love with at the shoe store. Reminder to self: never take an almost-5-year-old fashion diva into the shoe store unless you plan on buying her sparkly, glittery, or hot pink shoes.

I'm off to sew!

Easter 2009


  1. Oooooo! Love the shoes and the fabrics! I've actually been wanting to take my little diva shoe shopping. I want to get us both some new sandals for spring!

  2. Great shoes! Ahnalin just got some new sparkly pink shoes the other day from her Nana.
    She was thrilled!
    I am still working on her Easter dress too. I am not even done with the smocking! YIKES!
    I can't wait to see the pretty dress you are making.
    Have a beautiful Saturday!

  3. Ruth,

    With 4 girls I've made (and bought) quite a few dresses to go with shoes over the years. Caroline's current shoe stash includes pale pink, lilac, red, brown, navy and black. She'd be tickled to death if we could find a pair in pale blue since that is her current favorite color. Given the chance she couldn't turn down a pair of hot pink shoes though! How cute are those?! :)

  4. I see you found some Amy Butler Love for the dress! Where did you end up buying it?

    I love the shoes too! Marie would like them.

  5. Oh, I remember that darling blue dress!! Did you enter it in a PR contest last year? It's gorgeous. Smocking is addictive though, isn't it?? Sobs, my girl is 12 and won't hear of it now!

  6. I am not an apparel seamstress so i am always in awe of whatever you post that you have sewn. It always looks so professionally done. What girl doens't love shoes?? Those pink ones are too adoreable and the Amy Butler fabric will just make 'em pop. Looking forward to seeing the finished dress.

  7. Love this! So beautiful and such a sweet picture of her holding the kitten.

  8. Thanks Ruth for following my blog. I appreciate it. Love, love yours.

  9. Those shoes are adorable. Can't wait to see the dress! The tumble roses are too cute!