Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fall Pumpkins Revisited

Another project finished! I started these pumpkins after Jessica posted a picture of similar ones and after I happened to see the orange fabric clearanced at Hancocks. Yes, I know that most of you decorated for Fall months ago, and that Christmas is just around the corner. But, hey, I'm just glad that I finished these this year!

The pumpkins were easy to make. Since the fabric does not fray, I sewed the seams wrong sides together. For the vines I laid a pipe cleaner in a strip of fabric and sewed alongside the pipe cleaner, enclosing it within the fabric strip. (Does that make sense?) The leaves are just two layers of fabric sewn wrong sides together. By machine I stitched the leaf veins. Overall, I'm pleased with the way the pumpkins came out. Jessica, next time you come over you can pick a couple to take home with you.

Oh, I also wanted to mention the table runner in the next picture. My mother made it for me last year for Christmas. The tablerunner is reversible with one side for Thanksgiving and one side for Christmas. I've enjoyed having in on my dining room table already this year.

On to the next project....


  1. They look good Mom! I'm so glad you got them finished in time to enjoy them!


  2. Too cute!! I love the runner!

  3. Ruth, the table runner is beautiful and so are the pumpkins!
    I was wondering if you could post the measurements of the table runner?