Sunday, May 25, 2008

Finished Objects

Show and Tell Time! Lots of UFOs and WIPs have become FOs!

FO #1:
Remember the "ugly muslin" from this past March? I never did get around to posting the finished outfit, so here it is. The skirt and jacket were made from Simplicity 4669. I did take it in through the shoulders, but the jacket is still big on Ellen. That's fine with me, because she is able to wear it now and will be able to wear it this coming fall as well. The jacket is fully lined with a bright green lining fabric. When I started sewing this outfit, I really was not too enthusiastic about Ellen's choice of fabric--I thought the green tweed-y stuff would be hard to sew, and I thought it was too bright. Was I wrong! I think the darker green ribbon tones down the brightness of the fabric, and I think this color and style looks great on Ellen.

FO #2:

One of Ellen's friends really liked Ellen's Ottobre shirt that I made last month. So what could I say but "yes" when Ellen requested I make one for Valerie? While I was at it, I made another identical top for Ellen because the first one was too short. I used the same size for both these shirts but lengthened them from the original pattern. The pattern is "Daisy" from the 1/08 issue of Ottobre. Both girls play trumpet in the home school band and they both wore their shirts last week. Twins! :-)


FO #3: Our most-used and favorite skirt pattern!
I decided to make a separate post about this skirt because it became too long as I wrote it.

FO #4:
Simplicity #4233 in a blue Madras plaid.
Another easy-peasy skirt to sew. And another skirt made at Katie's request. Once again, she picked out the fabric and the pattern. In this skirt I have also used an invisible zipper--my favorite zipper application for skirts. I notice in the picture that the skirt is twisted on Katie so that the side seam in not at her side--oops!


Happy Elliot

With all the graduations and end-of-school activities, I have not had time for much sewing lately. However, I do have my next project planned. I'll be making Amy Butler's Birdie Sling bag as soon as I find the perfect fabric. I don't have any idea yet of what fabric or color I want to use, but I'm hoping I'll know it when I see it. :-)

Happy Sewing,


  1. All your projects look great! It's always nice to finish some of those UFOs.

  2. Have you thought of trying to find some Amy Butler fabric? I just made a dress out of some Amy Butler fabric I got online at I thought it was really cute. It's not super cheap (I think I paid 6.95 for a yard), but you wouldn't need much for this cute bag. Just a thought. :-)

  3. ...and thank you for posting the skirt pattern. I may try one. It looks nice and easy as well as really cute!

  4. Your projects look great!!

  5. Those all look fabulous, but I really love the green skirt! The girls look so cute in their matching tops!

  6. Everything looks great! Ellen's new outfit is really nice and I love the skirts! It's so nice to finish up some projects. The new purse pattern is really cute. Can't wait to see what you make it out of!