Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Undies Quartet

I can't believe I'm making little girl undies. And I can't believe how easy-peasy they are to make. The pattern pieces are just the right size of small to use up fabric scraps; you may recognize the recent outfit I made. 100% cotton knit. Double thick just where it's needed. Soft. And did I mention how easy they are to sew? You can bet I'll be making more....this little girl of mine goes through about 5 a day!

happy sewing,

Pattern: That*Darn*Kat
I made size 2; The pattern goes up through a size 8 and also includes a boy version.

Changes I made:

I encased the front and back crotch seam so that no seams are exposed. In Kat's pattern, the front crotch seam is serged and left exposed.

I added elastic in the waistband casing. Kat suggests using a knit with lyra and does not call for elastic. My knit is 100% cotton, and I'm not sure if the stretch recovery will be enough . It was very simple to add elastic to the waist casing.

Next time I may use FOE (foldover elastic) or even a soft undergarment elastic instead of the knit bands at the legs and waist.


This morning I tried the panties on E. and the fit is perfect! The leg bands are snug but not binding. The waist band is just right and I'm so glad I added the elastic to the waist.


  1. These are adorable! Great way to use all those leftover bits!

  2. Very cute and what a great use of scraps.

  3. Those look great! It's amazing the number of undies they can go through while PT! I don't have that pattern, but Otto 4/04 has a great pair of undies too. I've used both 5/8" FOE, and lingerie elastic with great success.

  4. Ruth,

    Those are really cute!!

    I traced my pattern last night and cut out a few pair but haven't sewn them up yet.

    I had no luck finding cotton lycra at JoAnn's or Hancock's. I did find a couple nice cotton lycra tshirts at an estate sale though so I'll use that for bands and white cotton for the body. I'm hoping they fit my skinny 4 yo better than the other undies we've tried so far!

  5. Karen, if the lycra bands are not enough to keep the underwear up on your skinny child, try the elastic. I just made a circle of 1/4" elastic a couple of inches smaller than my daughter's waist. I enclosed the elastic circle inside the waistband as I sewed the band on. This is how the RTW training pants are made.

  6. Glad to see this pattern used! I am thinking about buying it for my son but also wondering when I'd make the time to sew it! :)

  7. What a good idea for using up old scraps...now I just need some kiddos to try all of these good ideas on!

    I love how finished you make them look!

  8. These are just too cute. What a great way to use up scrap knits!

  9. Ruth,

    Those are just to cute!!! My mom always made our undies! ;o)

    Love, Heather

  10. Oh, how cute!! Love the fabric combination. I wish I had a little one to sew for.

  11. OMG, Too cute. Makes me wanna' make underwear for my cats ;)

  12. Super cute undies! I have the pattern too and made my youngest a pair of the boys version and he loves them. They fit him nicely too (I made size 4).

  13. These look great! Thanks for the link. I just bought the pattern.