Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Birch Street "Walking Shorts"

This post is written in response to a comment from happymama who asked if I knew of a good culotte pattern.

When I used to make culottes for my girls I most often used the walking shorts pattern from Birch Street Clothing. The "Walking Shorts with 30-second pockets" pattern is quite easy to make once you figure out the pocket instructions. The pattern comes in children's sizes, girls' sizes, and ladies' sizes. The girls and ladies' patterns have more flair to the legs than the children's pattern, and the legs can be lengthened as long or as short as you want. To get more fullness through the hips I would sometimes make a larger size than usual and then just fit the elastic to the recipient's waist.

Now days my older girls don't wear culottes. Some days, though, you can find Ellen wearing some that I had made years ago for the older girls.



  1. I've had good success with skort patterns - a pair of shorts, with skirt panels over the top. They look like a skirt, but the legs of the shorts truly keep your legs covered, as opposed to wider-legged culottes that fly up. I made my daughter two pair of McCall's 4388 last year for camp, and she was able to even do the crab walk without being immodest!

  2. Wanted to add that the pattern I mentioned is a misses size, but they have quite a few girls' skort patterns at McCall's too. I just entered "skort" in the search box on their site, www.mccallpattern.com