Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Facing Reality

Last week I made a lot of progress on cleaning the sewing room, but in the process it actually looks messier now than it did before I started cleaning.

I've decided that messiness is part of being a sewist. (Is sewist a word? It just looks so much better than sewer). For me, when it comes to sewing or crafting, messiness is reality.

Having arrived at this conclusion, does that mean I can sew now? Or do I have to wait until the room is completely cleaned and organized?



  1. You can tell we are related! My theory is the same...one can not be truely a "sewist" or a painter if the table/room is not an organized mess! Besides it actually looks like you are accomplishing something even if you are debating what to sew/paint!
    You know...where you have a glazed look over your face contemplating the design/pattern? I get it all the time...good thing I have a designated room now to paint...as long as I keep the guitar side of the room clean! I say SEW ON!

  2. I can't believe you're coming to the conclusion that mess is ok...after I'm gone! I think what's really happening is now you don't have me to blame for the mess, so suddenly it's ok. The mess is now the sign of a creative genus or something and it signals the beginning of more creativity.

    Am I starting to sound like Heather?

    I think sewist is a very good word, but normally the term seamstress is employed. =)

    I miss sewing...

    love you!

  3. My sewing nook is trashed, too. I don't know why that seems to happen when I've got something going, but it does. Now I'm trying to decide...cut, clean, or mend..

    I suspect 'cut' is going to win. ;)

  4. My sewing room is cleaned up some!Cleaning some helps me feel organized to a small degree. And it allows me to put fabric on cutting table and cut out a new pattern.

    Some clutter has always existed in my sewing area. I would not be able to sew for weeks if I totally cleaned up. Couldn't stand that.

  5. Well, my sewing room is partially cleaned up. And no, Jessica...I'm not saying that mess is ok, just that it's a reality. Lol!