Monday, April 10, 2006

State of Disaster

My sewing room is a Disaster. It is disorganized with sewing paraphernalia thrown everywhere. How I managed to get any sewing done these past few days is beyond me. (I won't tell you about the fusible sticky-stuff mess that I made all over my's been a looong time since I've done that!)

(Jessica, do you want to come over and help me clean the sewing room?)

Today I finished a skirt for Katie that I started yesterday. Afterwards I started a skirt for me, but by the time I changed my serger thread and searched the Messes for the invisible zipper that I bought Saturday I didn't get much done. I found the zipper, but I spent another 20 minutes searching for the fusible stabilizer on a roll. Please, can anybody tell me what that stuff it called???? I suppose I could use strips of fusible interfacing, but I know I have a roll of Whatever It's Called somewhere. I want to stabilize the seam allowance where the zipper will go because it is cut on the bias and has a lot of stretch to it.

The fabric for my skirt is so cool. It is brown striped like the picture, but what is neat about it is that the stripes do not run on the lengthwise grain or crosswise. The stripes run on the bias! How cool is that?! Okay, I'm silly to get excited about bias-running-stripes, but it's just that I did not notice this when I bought the fabric.
I chose the fabric because I like the brown color, it has a nice hand (it's a rayon-linen blend), and it was on sale. I prewashed the fabric, and it wasn't until then that I noticed the direction of the stripes. I rummaged through the aforementioned Messes to find a suitable skirt pattern and now I'm waiting to find my roll of the aforementioned Whatever It's Called so that I can proceed.

HOWEVER....drum roll, please.... I have decided that I will not sew another stitch until I get my sewing room cleaned up!!!!!!! Now you all need to hold me accountable, please. I am in the mood to sew. I am ready. I am willing. I have patterns. I have a fabric stash like you wouldn't believe. But no.... I am NOT going to sew one more stitch until the Messes are in a more organized and accessible state of being. Organization tips would be greatly appreciated!

And in case you don't believe it, I will humble myself and post before and after pictures of the State of Disaster of the Sewing Messes, starting here with the "before." This is quite humbling....I'm baring my Messes to the world....

Whew, maybe I should start cleaning.....

p.s. Jessica, I found your Gingher scissors with the red ribbon looped through the handle.


  1. Your room looked like that when we were there.......... Running away quickyly b4 you smack me ;) haha.. Love the brown skirt material,you would of loved this estate sale we went too, 3 rooms full of material.. ok so alot of it was old but you would of had fun...

    love ya

  2. When you get through cleaning your sewing room, come to VA and clean mine.

    Like your fabric, kind of interesting that the stripes are bias and you want have to sew a bias skirt. I hate sewing bias skirts.

  3. Eilish-lost in Yonkers, member of CradledinClothMay 01, 2006

    Why hold off doing sewing?

    Make each project a good reason to start putting things in order.

    Line up what you need for your very next project. Next get some boxes(I need see thru these days-a health problem makes me really forget what I have if I can't see it, label them appropriately and take a blood oath to put these things away in these new boxes as you complete the sewing project.

    Do this again for the next sewing project and again as needed. If you are like me you will probably end up buying a bit of things you already have but that is what stocking up is all about right??

    Good luck!!

  4. You are so brave!! ;o) One day I will have a sewing room that I can mess up! ;o)

    Love, Heather