Thursday, April 27, 2006

Gardening days

Just around the block from my house there is a charming little landscape nursery. The people are very friendly and Annie (my dog) and I have enjoyed taking walks down there. We keep coming back with more little plants... Today we got some dianthus flowers to put in a little bed by our front porch steps.

Justin and I decided not to break ground for a garden this year, because we're so new and inexperienced in gardening and we don't want to overwhelm ourselves. Still, I'm doing quite a bit with what I have. The yard is already full of established bushes and trees, and there are several nice flower beds already made for me to plant in. The previous owner left a lot of her birdhouses and even a birdbath.

These are my peppers-- I'm hoping to make salsa this summer.

I have 3 tomato plants (in the red pots). They are so small right now. I hope they grow fast!

In this bed I planted flower seeds, (Bluebonnet, Marigold and Morning glory) Bell pepper plants, a corner of Okra, and 2 hills of Squash. I know that the plants are going to be really crowded once they start getting big...I'm going to have to thin them out I'm afraid.

Every day I check my "babies" to see how they are coming along. So far I have lots of little sprouts. Pretty soon I'm going to have to start weeding, because I can already spot lots of little grass sprouts!

This little birdhouse hangs from the arbor in the flower bed. It has been so much fun to watch two tiny sparrows arrive and take up residence. They fly back and forth all day long even when I'm out there, and several times I have seen the mother one sitting in her little nest. I am hoping for baby sparrows!


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