Monday, February 25, 2008

Finished Jitterbugs!

Finished, and in only 11 days. Hey, that's quick for me! :-)

Jitterbug yarn by Colinette
Size 2 double pointed needles
Cast on 56
2x2 rib
Stockinette stitch for leg and foot

Nothing fancy, just warm and cozy socks in a pretty colorway. This yarn was fabulous to knit--no splitting, and oh-so-soft. The socks do seem a bit thicker than other socks I've knit, but that's okay with me. These will surely be one of my favorites (along with the Tofutsies and the Sassy Stripes socks I've knit. Hmm....I don't know if I can choose just one favorite).


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jitterbug Socks

I've cast on another pair of socks in a new-to-my-stash yarn called Jitterbug in the "Toscana" colorway.

Double pointed needles are my needles of choice, and I like to work on both socks at the same time. Well, not exactly at the same time, but alternating between the two. This helps me to avoid finishing one sock and never completing the second. Plus it enables me to ensure that both socks are identical in size. :-)

This is the first time, however, that I've knit both socks simultaneously but from the same skein of yarn. One sock is using the end of yarn from the inside, and the other sock is knit with the outer thread. So far this is working out tangles or other problems. I'm sure this has been done many times by everyone else, but I feel so ingenious.

Off the computer to go knit some more!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gifts for Babies

Crocheted-edged Receiving Blankets
(A tutorial is here)

Bibs and Burp Cloths

More Bibs for Etsy

Not-a-Baby-Anymore who Fell Asleep while Reading

posted by Ruth

Knitting Needle Roll and Sweetie-Pies

Jessica made this knitting needle holder for me for Christmas, and I just love it! I love her fabric choice, and I like how she machine quilted free-handedly around the flower motifs. Best of all, I like that I can now keep all my knitting needles in one place and in order.

You can tell from this next picture that I have more double pointed needles than straight needles. I think I may ask Jessica to make me a smaller roll just for my sock needles which I seem to collect. :-)

I really do not have many straight needles, but I do have a nice set of Knit Picks circular needles that are stored in their own needle case. I don't find much use for the straight needles since most anything I would do on straights can be done on circulars.

Okay, these pictures aren't sewing related, but I thought I'd post them anyway. Here are Jacob and Emily. Both sick. Both trying to take a nap on the same couch. It didn't work. Hopefully J. and E. won't be sick for long.

My three older girls and my grandson are pictured here.... Sweetie-pies, all of them.

Oh, and yes, this is my next daughter, Sweetie-Pie #4, doing something not-so-sweet with her eyeball. Hmm....maybe this is what all 12 year olds do?

Happy Valentine's Day!