Friday, September 22, 2006

Felt Pumpkin Craft

These free felt pumpkin patterns from AOK Corral are really cute. I've been thinking about doing some fall decorating, and these would be so fun and easy. Also, for those of you who like to make cute pincushions, I think the smallest one would probably be the perfect size for an adorable autumn pincushion.

Thanks to Mrs. Wilt for the link!


Three Vintage Apron Patterns

Here are a 3 vintage apron patterns that were in the box of patterns one of our readers sent to us. We love vintage aprons...they are so inspiring!

The pattern on the top right is copyrighted 1966. The view on the left is designed for vinyl coated fabrics. It's shown made from a clear vinyl...I think it would be pretty funny to have a see-through apron! I really like the other view looks very practical.

The pattern on the bottom right is very old...1940s or 50s I'm guessing. It is missing the envelope, and the pattern pices are not marked with lines... just stamped with a number to differentiate them. These are really sweet, feminine aprons for girly girls like me!

The apron pattern in the middle is just a pretty traditional, gathered half apron. I thought the different appliques were neat. An apron for serving tea, an apron for gardening, an apron for Valentine's day, and lastly an apron for sewing. How much fun!

Cheers, Jessica

Vintage Patterns From A Reader

A lady who reads our blog regularly was sweet enough to e-mail Mom and ask if we would like to have box of vintage patterns she no longer wanted...of course we were delighted to get a box of treasures in the mail... Thank you Micki! The patterns are so neat, and we enjoyed looking through them. I thought I would share some of my favorites with everyone. I love looking at the details on these old patterns, and I'm sorry the pictures aren't clearer or more close up, but if you click on the pictures, they get bigger.

The first two are vintage maternity patterns. It's amazing how much maternity syle has changed...they are really quite cute, but you wouldn't catch most pregnant ladies wearing these styles nowdays! Can anyone help me with a date for these patterns? There is no copyright date.

These two patterns below were ones that I would like to make someday for myself. The robe pattern is copyrighted 1968. It has raglan sleeves, and comes in 3 lengths. I think it would be so nice in a fleece fabric for a cozy winter robe. I once had a blue fleece robe that I loved to cuddle up in with a book and a cup of hot tea, but somehow it disappeared when I got married. It was pretty old and fuzzy anyway, and full of cat hairs, so perhaps it is just time to make a new one!

The blouse pattern is copyrighted 1973. I just like the cut and style of it....notice how long the collar points are! I really like how it looks untucked with the long side slits on the close up view below.

Last come two fun day dresses. I don't have a date on either, but am assuming early 1960s. (?)

The pattern on the bottom is actually a "playsuit" with a skirt that you would wear over it. I really can't imagine wearing a one-piece outfit like the one pictured, (it's be pretty uncomfortable and not that practical) but I guess they were popular for grown ladies at one time!


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Jennie Chancey's Blog

Jess, just look at the costume pictures at Jennie Chancey's blog of her trip to England. I thought you might enjoy her site. I did!

The costumes are under the post "A Sunny Day in Londontown."

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Unusual Blog

Sew Chic is an unusual blog. I suppose. Somebody thinks so anyway, and to him or her I thank you for nominating this blog for the 2006 Okie Blog Award in the
"Best Unusual" category.

Well, really, unusual is a good thing. Isn't it?

Your votes are welcome if you live in Oklahoma and you have a blog. :-) Voting ends September 20th.


Yes, of course unusual is a good thing.

Synonyms (from include:
amazing, astonishing, atypical, awe-inspiring, awesome, bizarre, different, distinguished, eminent, exceptional, extraordinary, far out, important, inconveivable, incredible, memorable, noteworthy, odd, outstanding, phenomenal, prodigious, prominent, queer, rare, refreshing, remarkable, significant, singular, special, strange, etc....

We may be a little on the strange side of unusual, but I like to think that our blog is extraordinary, noteworthy, remarkable and refreshing! I hope you agree.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Sweater is Finished!

The sweater is finished! Well, it's not quite finished since I still need to sew on the buttons. I decided to post pictures now since it may be awhile for me to find just the right buttons and get them sewn on.

Emily is not a very good model. She did not like wearing the hood, and she would not stop wiggling long enough for me to take a very good picture. I had to settle for a picture of the sweater modeled by Miss Pouty, the doll.

I am very pleased with how this hooded sweater went together. The instructions were easy to follow, and the yarn was a pleasure to crochet with. I did follow the crocheting gauge, and I feel like the sweater came out true-to-size. Emily is 16 months old and I made the size 18 months sweater. It fits Emily slightly big, which is what I wanted. Since it is still so hot here in Oklahoma, Emily has time to grow some before she will actually start wearing the sweater. Maybe I'll get the buttons sewn on by the time it's cool enough for her to wear the sweater!

Next project: I am going to crochet Jessica a sweater out of some beautiful homespun yarn that she brought over one day. Hopefully this sweater will go together as easily as Emily's!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sweater Progress

The baby sweater is coming along nicely, but such a slow crocheter I am! I started this sweater two weeks ago and I still have the hood and the 2 sleeves to go. Of course, I am only crocheting here and there when I find time to sit down for a few minutes, so what can I expect?

Several people have commented how this yarn is a dream to work with. I agree! Soft to the touch, this yarn still amazes me how it makes its own stripes. Yes, the pattern is easy. I have only crocheted one other sweater (6 years ago, a different baby sweater with a hat), so this is still fairly new to me. I usually crochet doilies, not garments, and I was a bit nervous about starting this sweater. The pattern is made up mostly of HDC (half-double crochet) stitches and it goes along quickly.

Making this sweater has inspired me to want to make bigger and more complex patterns. Crazy me, it's not like I need another project added to everything else in my busy life! Jessica brought over some beautiful burgundy-colored yarn which will be used for my next project...a sweater for her, if I ever finish this baby sweater. Be patient with me, Jess. Remember, I'm a slow crocheter.