Friday, September 22, 2006

Vintage Patterns From A Reader

A lady who reads our blog regularly was sweet enough to e-mail Mom and ask if we would like to have box of vintage patterns she no longer wanted...of course we were delighted to get a box of treasures in the mail... Thank you Micki! The patterns are so neat, and we enjoyed looking through them. I thought I would share some of my favorites with everyone. I love looking at the details on these old patterns, and I'm sorry the pictures aren't clearer or more close up, but if you click on the pictures, they get bigger.

The first two are vintage maternity patterns. It's amazing how much maternity syle has changed...they are really quite cute, but you wouldn't catch most pregnant ladies wearing these styles nowdays! Can anyone help me with a date for these patterns? There is no copyright date.

These two patterns below were ones that I would like to make someday for myself. The robe pattern is copyrighted 1968. It has raglan sleeves, and comes in 3 lengths. I think it would be so nice in a fleece fabric for a cozy winter robe. I once had a blue fleece robe that I loved to cuddle up in with a book and a cup of hot tea, but somehow it disappeared when I got married. It was pretty old and fuzzy anyway, and full of cat hairs, so perhaps it is just time to make a new one!

The blouse pattern is copyrighted 1973. I just like the cut and style of it....notice how long the collar points are! I really like how it looks untucked with the long side slits on the close up view below.

Last come two fun day dresses. I don't have a date on either, but am assuming early 1960s. (?)

The pattern on the bottom is actually a "playsuit" with a skirt that you would wear over it. I really can't imagine wearing a one-piece outfit like the one pictured, (it's be pretty uncomfortable and not that practical) but I guess they were popular for grown ladies at one time!



  1. The maternity tops are cute...tents! LOL Think "I Love Lucy". She had the funniest maternity clothes!

    Those patterns are great! I need to sew more for myself. It would be fun to use vintage patterns. Thanks for the pictures!

  2. I think the maternity patterns look just like the ones Lucy wears in "I LOVE LUCY". Very cute patterns!

  3. How nice of a reader to send you some vintage patterns. I love looking at this older patterns. Thanks for sharing these with us.