Saturday, March 22, 2008

Resurrection Eggs Craft

This weekend Justin and I put together these "Resurrection Eggs" for our Sunday School class tomorrow.

Each egg holds a special item that tells part of the Easter story. We plan to give each of our kids in Sunday school their own set and use them as we retell the story of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection. These were super fun to pull together and I'm hoping they will hold the kids interest, and make the story come alive to them.

In addition to the items, each egg will also have a piece of paper with the verse the corresponds.

Here's the list if you want to make your own.

1. bread--last supper (Matt. 26:26)
2. 3 dimes--30 pieces of silver that Jesus was sold for (Matt. 26:14-15)
3. rope--they bound Jesus (Matt. 27:2)
4. cross--Jesus carried his own cross, until Simon carried it (John 19:17)
5. dice--casting lots for Jesus clothes (John 19:24)
6. sponge with vinegar: what Jesus was given to drink (Matt. 27:34)
7. spear--spear in side (John 19:33-34)
8. cloves/spices--spices that the women were bringing to anoint Jesus on Sunday (Mark 16:1)
9. rock--stone placed in front of tomb was rolled away (John 20:1; Matt. 28:2)
10. linen fabric--used to wrap Jesus…all the was left in the empty tomb, Peter went to look in tomb after he heard (John 20:6-7)
11. nail--nails in hands (John 20:25-29)
12. mini globe--Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20)

Have a blessed Easter Sunday tomorrow. I am so thankful that Jesus is risen, and alive in the world and in my heart today!


New Baby Quilt Fabric

My fabric from
SewMamaSew came today!! I was so excited...this was my first time to order from them, and I was pleased with the speed in shipping, and how my order was all wrapped up so pretty with a twill ribbon, and a vintage button just for fun!

I got some of Denyse Schmidt's Katie Jump Rope fabric, and I think it's going to be perfect for a baby quilt I'm going to make for a friend. New babies are perfect excuses to buy pretty fabric and sew fun quilts for. Now I just have to decide on a pattern!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another look....Crochet Edged Baby Blankets

Recently a reader named Betty sent me some pictures of her lovely blankets that she made following my tutorial. I was so tickled! With Betty's permission, I just have to share her pictures with you! Betty used a wing needle to make holes in her fabric edge, and she crocheted into every other hole. With this method you don't have to worry about getting your stitched spaced evenly! I just may try this next time.

Betty wrote:

What I did was serge the edges and then took it to my sewing machine and used a wing needle and a zig-zag stitch with no thread. I had to leave my bobbin inserted but didn't thread the bobbin thread in order to keep my bobbin sensor from going off. I only punched the holes through one layer of flannel and turned the serged area in as I did the crochet, just as you explained on your blog. I lined up the left side of the zig-zag stitch about a quarter of an inch away from the serged area. (The right side of the zig-zag stitch fell just to the edge of the serged area).

The blue one turned out so nice. I only used every other hole and it only took feeling around with the crochet hook to find the holes since these "old" eyes couldn't always see the holes. By doing it this way, your holes are perfectly lined up and the tension was perfect and all the corners lie flat....Hopefully others who don't crochet will try this because it really wasn't that hard to learn. And, of course, YOU and your little blankets were my total inspiration!

Betty, thank you for the kind words, and thank you for sending your pictures. You did a fabulous job, and your blankets came out great!

Since I'm on the subject of these blankets, I'm going to share the stitch pattern I used on another blanket I made this week. This "shell" edging was simple to crochet and was done in only two rounds.

Round 1: Single crochet around. Make sure your single crochets are fairly close together to prevent the fabric from puckering.

Round 2: chain 1, sc in first stitch; *skip next stitch, sc in next stitch, (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) in next stitch, sc in next stitch; repeat from *around.

Since I don't count my foundation single crochets, the amount may not work out exactly for a complete pattern repeat. In this case, I simply adjust my stitches when I get about 8 inches from the end of the blanket. With the rosebud blanket I ignored the "skip next stitch" two times, and my pattern worked out just fine.

Okay, that's enough of these blankets. :-)

happy crocheting!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Updated Blogroll


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Ugly Muslin

Simplicity 4669

I'm sewing this skirt and jacket pattern for Ellen out of a lime green (bright!) tweed fabric that she picked out.

I don't always make muslins for every pattern I sew, but I did for this jacket. The fabric for the muslin was destined to be curtains for a basement about 10 years ago. I don't know why I liked the fabric at that time, but now I just about detest it. :-) Since I bought about 10 yards or so, over the past years it has come in handy for muslins and other tester projects. I'll be glad when the fabric is gone!

The muslin verdict: Take it in a bit through the shoulders---that's it!

I'll post pictures of the finished outfit when it's done.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Decorating my Kitchen at the Thrift Store

So now I'm officially doing my kitchen in colbalt blue, hunter green, and mustard yellow. Probably not the most appealing combination, but it's working for me. Originally I just wanted to do just blue and white in my kitchen, but we ended up getting a house with hunter green countertops. What works with hunter green and blue? Mustard yellow!

I recently found this fancy muffin tin at my favorite thrift store. $0.79! Several days later, matching yellow mugs turn up. $0.39 each!

I think my new tin and mugs make a a pleasing arrangement over my stove!


Saturday, March 08, 2008

Update and Buttons

Thanks for the comments asking about my eye situation. It's improving, and I'm definitely out of the woods as far as the Uveitis goes. There is no active inflammation going on, but I still have some blurriness that fluctuates from day to day, due to damage from the Uveitis. The Dr. thinks that will continue to clear up over time though. I'm not supposed to see him for 3 or 4 months!

Sometimes it's discouraging because I can't see as good as I know that I should be able to see. I want to have perfect vision.

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend who is dealing with a less then perfect health situation with her baby, and she said that she had been reminded that we are not perfectly whole here, because we are not supposed to be. We are fragile humans beings, and none of us is perfectly whole her on earth. And that is ok. Complete wholeness will only be experienced in Heaven, and the trials here should make me long for Heaven all the more.

She was an encouragement to me. Maybe my vision will get back to normal, or maybe there may be something that can be done for it in the future, but if there isn't, and if it's always a little fuzzy in my left eye, I can rest assured that God is in control and know that someday he will restore it completely, if now here, then in Heaven.

Aren't my new buttons pretty? I won them on e-bay as sort of a treat for myself after selling some stuff on e-bay and etsy. =) They are not earmarked for anything in particular, and but I fell in love with the bright colors and whimsical designs.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

stretch & sew patterns

I've had a bit of luck selling some garage-sale-found Stretch & Sew patterns on E-bay the last few weeks. It didn't cross my mind until just now that some of you might be interested in them. Anyway, I just listed the remaining ones that I have if anyone is's the link to my listings.

I haven't sewn with a lot of knits before this dress. Simplicity 3622

I'm making view B on the far right with the funky sleeves. It's been a lot of fun, I'm almost done, and I can't wait to show you the finished dress!


Sew Chic Tea Cozies

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