Friday, March 30, 2007

Knitting for Babies

Elliot looks so adorable in the sweater and booties I knit for him. Jessica said he did not like wearing the matching hat. Boys are funny that way. I couldn’t write about this sweater set while I was working on it or when it was finished because Jessica didn’t know about it. She was surprised when I gave it to her at Elliot’s baby shower when he was 4 weeks old.

Other than socks, this was the first “real” project that I’ve ever knit, and by far the biggest. This was the project that made me really begin to love knitting. To watch the sweater unfold row by row as I knit was wonderful. To think that I really could knit after years in the past thinking I’d only be able to crochet—that was exciting! (Next I want to knit another sweater in a toddler size. I'm working my way up to an adult sweater).

The pattern for the baby set came from a Leisure Arts leaflet. It seemed a complicated pattern for me at first, but after a few false starts it knit up quickly. One thing that I wish somebody could show me how to do is sew the seams. I read about and experimented with various kinds of seaming methods, including the “mattress” stitch, but in the end I was not totally satisfied with my seams. I have decided that next time I knit a sweater I will knit in the round, even if the pattern calls for flat knitting. That is, unless somebody can give me a lesson in seaming….

From the same Leisure Arts booklet, but a different pattern, I also knit a bonnet and booties for a good friend of mine whose baby is 2 weeks older than Elliot. I added furry yarn to the edge of the bonnet and booties, and Abby looks sweet as can be wearing it. I also made a girly, pink quilt for Abby, but again, that will be another post for another day.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beautiful Music, Busy Days

While writing this I’m listening to Beethoven’s Symphony # 3, the Eroica. Ah, such beautiful music! The Eroica version we play in band doesn't compare. Even so, I do have fun playing the oboe part for the band version. (Yes, parents are invited to participate in the homeschool band---a wonderful privilege I so enjoy!)

Okay, on to sewing-related things…. I haven’t posted in awhile, but I have been busy smocking, sewing, and knitting. Too busy to post, I guess. This evening I hemmed the smocked dress for Emily! Yea! It’s almost finished…just the buttonholes and buttons to complete.

Today I also cut out a dress for Ellen using Simplicity 3902, view D with the bell sleeves. She measured between a size 8 and 10 in width and a size 12 in length. After making a muslin of the bodice I decided to cut out a size 10 lengthened to a size 12. Ellen picked out the fabric---an aqua cotton print. She knew exactly what color and style of fabric she wanted. I didn’t have much say in the matter. :-) I think she made a good choice, though, and I’ll post pictures when the dress is finished.

In the knitting realm, last month I finished a baby set for the sweetest grandbaby in the world—Elliot! But that’s another post for another day.


Monday, March 19, 2007

Sew Sweet Satchel

On the Lazy Girl site I came across another cute purse I want to make someday. The pattern is from Clover, and it's free! Has anybody made this little bag already? I'd love to see pictures.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Smocking Progress

Yesterday I made good progress on the smocking for Emily's Easter dress. I just need to add flowers to the dress front before I begin smocking the sleeves. Then it's on to putting the dress together!

The dress is a size 2, but I can already tell that it will probably be huge on Emily, even with a six inch hem. I'm sure I'll be able to remedy the sizing, but I wish I'd made the size 18 months.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sassy Stripes

I've spent too many hours on these socks to rip them out, but that's what I'm going to do. Sigh. The socks are too small--not enough stretch when on. They look like they'd fit 11 year old Ellen if I were to finish them. But, since blue is my favorite color and I really like the stripes, I'm going to take them apart and start over. And just look, the stripes even match. Sigh. Again.

On another note, Flat Cat's socks, mentioned in the previous post almost fit Emily. Almost, but with no growing room. I guess Elliot will eventually grown into them, so Jessica... they're yours! Remind me, because I tend to forget things. By the way, the stripes on the green socks are not supposed to match, okay? :-)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Flat Cat

If you've never heard of
Flat Stanley, then this post will probably not make much sense to you. :-)

Last week I went to the Happy Cat Yarn Shop for the first time. Let me tell you, what an experience that was! First of all, it was a pleasure to the senses to walk in and see the wide array of yarn with all its colors, textures, and scents (yes, yarn has a marvelous scent). I can't even begin to describe the decor of the shop---kind of retro 70's, I think. But what I enjoyed the most was seeing the largest selection of sock yarns in one place that I've ever seen before.

This yarn shop has its very own cat.... Flat Cat or F.C. for short. And guess what? Just like Flat Stanley travels around the world, F.C. took his first trip when he came home with me. What makes that so nice is that I get to visit the yarn shop again this week when I take F.C. back! I'll try not to buy anymore sock yarn.

F.C. has had a great week with us, full of adventure and new experiences. Here's a look at his week:

Wednesday: F.C. gets in the car for his first trip.

Thursday: F.C. makes music at the homeschool band.

Friday: F.C. casts on for a pair of socks.

Saturday: F.C. makes a new friend.

Sunday: F.C. enjoys the daffodils.

Monday: F.C. finishes his socks.

Tuesday: F.C. says goodbye to his new friends.

Goodbye, Flat Cat! We'll miss you.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Baby Shower Gift Idea

I'm not sure when I'll start finding time to sew or craft again, but I'm up to blogging! Here are a couple of pictures of my darling new baby. Elliot is 18 days old today...he's already growing so fast! He's starting to move his arms and hands about more, and although he hasn't found his thumb yet, he likes to suck on his hands.

It's just so nice not to be pregnant anymore! Even with taking care of a baby all day and all night, I still feel more rested and energetic than I have felt in months.

My elderly neighbor, Miss Alice, made me the neatest baby gift. She took a small sized wreath, wrapped it in wide, wire-edged ribbon, and then tied all sorts of baby items to it to create a special gift that is going to be so hard to take apart! Mine has all sorts of useful things tied to it--bibs, a sippy cup, booties and socks, a couple of onesies, feeding spoons, a pacifier, a teether, a rattle, and various nail and hair grooming items.

Miss Alice has been making these "baby wreaths" for babies for years and years. She said that she has probably made over 50 in her life. Despite her ailing health, she wanted to continue her tradition and make one for me. I was so blessed by her kindness and generosity. God has truly given us good neighbors here, and I am thankful for each one that we have gotten to know.