Thursday, June 02, 2011

Simplicity 2767

Congratulations to Sewing Sanity, the winner of the Signature Styles book giveaway! picked comment number 37, and it was her! Thanks to everyone who commented...I hope you've enjoyed our recent book reviews and giveaways as much as I have. 

I'm sad that it's been a while since I've contributed regularly to this blog...sewing is becoming more and more of a luxury with two little ones, and blogging about the sewing I do get a chance to do is even more difficult...I'll share a couple pictures from Easter and then I've got to run!

Marie's Easter dress is Simplicity 2767  It was slightly more difficult then your average pattern with the curved yoke and bubble skirt, but I felt like the unique design elements made it worth it.  My only regret was that I used cheap material and the dress doesn't feel as nice as I was wrinkles badly and has a slightly rough, cheap texture. Oh well, I guess that's what happens when you order from and can't touch and feel before you buy.

I think this skirt is the only thing I've sewn for myself recently...random piece of fabric from Mom's pattern...just a simple gathered skirt attached to a curved waistband/yoke with an invisible zipper on the side. It sort of has a retro, vintage look to it that I like.  I love simple skirts in the summer!

Until next time...