Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pattern Giveaway Coming Soon

This weekend I made a purse from Amy Barickman's Victory Bags pattern. Let me just say, I love this purse! My 15 year old loves this purse! (You may NOT have it, Ellen!) And now that I made one, I want to make another. And another....

The cool thing is...Jessica and I will be giving away two of Amy's purse patterns in a few days...and you just may be one of the lucky winners. Check back soon for more giveaway details and reviews of the purse pattern and Amy's book,
Vintage Notions. :)


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dress Form

Wahoo! After all these years of sewing, I finally bought a dress form! Yes, I'm excited.

Just had to share. :)

edit: Emily just walked in and excitedly exclaimed, "Look! Mom got a mannequin without a head!" Too funny.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Coming soon...Vintage Notions book review!

oooh, look what arrived in the mail recently...a lovely package chock full of goodies from Amy Barickman of Indigo Junction. We're going to be doing a book and pattern review in the next couple weeks so check back...two readers will win a fun purse pattern! While you are waiting for the review and details, you can check out Amy's site HERE and her pattern lines HERE.

Purse patterns to review and a fun tote bag... I love how the book came wrapped in actual pattern tissue paper from one of her patterns!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Days, Sew Days

Sewing and knitting....I like snow days! We "never" get snow in Oklahoma, but ha, we have had 7 snow days in the last two weeks. And when it snows, I like to sew. :) (Yes, sometimes homeschoolers get snow days, too).

The skirt: Ottobre 04-2007 #14 "Pleated Skirt"
Size 110

The top: Ottobre 01/2009 #12 "Kaisa Blouse"
Size 110, lengthened

The sweater: "Little Girl's Shrug" #288 from Pure & Simple
Size 6, Berroco Comfort yarn

More details at Ravelry and Pattern Review if you're interested in the details.

On another note, I am so thankful for all your comments on our posts here at Sew Chic. We are truly blessed by you, our readers.

Happy sewing,

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

"Eleanor" Dress

I bought this lovely corduroy fabric last winter to make something for Emily that would go with the striped tights she owned but didn't match anything. A year has passed, and I knew this would be the last winter the tights would fit my daughter. So I finally made her a dress from the fabric that matched the tights that will only fit a few months longer.... : )

Ottobre 6/2010, design #10, "Eleanor" dress; A-line dress with long sleeves gathered into wide cuffs; big pointy collar; yoke with tucks.

Mostly, I like this pattern, but there were a few things I had problems with: I disliked the way Ottobre has you do the sleeve placket. Basically, you are to cut the slit in the sleeve and then just narrowly hem the raw edges of the slit. good. Instead, I cut a bias strip and made a placket following the method described in Betzina's Power Sewing (not the kind of placket you'd use in a man's shirt, but a simple bias bound placket).

I also disliked the wideness of the dress. It looks cute on the model in the magazine, but I found it too wide for my daughter. I added narrow ties to the sides of the dress to pull in the fullness. I sewed the ties into the side seams 3" down from the armholes.

The three brown buttons on the yoke are all mismatched. Call it a design element. The truth is, we are snowed in and I couldn't get to the fabric store to buy buttons. So I used what I had in my stash that worked. Yep, it's a design element.

Overall, I'm happy with this dress and look forward to seeing Emily wear it come Sunday (if we are no longer snowbound!). Mostly, I'm happy that I'm sewing again. Hey, sewing room, I have missed you!