Monday, October 24, 2011

Wedding Sewing

My 3rd daughter, Katie, is getting married in December! Plans are coming along. My next sewing project will be to make 2 flower girl dresses--one for Emily and one for my granddaughter in Switzerland who is 1 year old. Jessica will make Marie's dress. Yes, there will be three flower girls, and they will look adorable, I'm sure!

We choose ivory lace and ivory crepe fabric for the dresses, and will use the matte side as the right side. I'm excited to get if school and music could be put on hold, I just might find time to sew!


Good times:
making the silk flower bouquets,
corsages, and
with sweet friends

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Simplicity 2377

I spent some time in my sewing room this weekend and made Emily this dress. I've missed sewing, and it sure did feel nice! Emily has grown so much this past summer, and she definitely needs some new clothes. I would like to find an aqua-colored, long-sleeve t-shirt for layering when the weather gets cold.

The pattern: Simplicity 2377, size 8
The fabric: baby corduroy
The color: mostly purple--Emily's favorite color, so it's a winner!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Congratulations, Sandy!

The winner of the Sharp Crochet Hook is Sandy, who wrote:  

"I have lots of baby blankets to make (I know 5 or 6 pregnant ladies!) so I would definitely make some flannel blankets with crocheted edgings like you did! Thank you for the giveaway :)"

Congratulations, Sandy!  Email your mailing address to me, and Jessica of Sharp Crochet Hook will send you a hook.  Thank you to all who commented, and thank you, Jessica, for your generosity.

If you did not win the hook, you can buy one from  By the way, the hook includes directions for three edging patterns like these pictured below.  Beautiful!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Crochet-Edged Blanket and Hook Giveaway

Sharp Crochet Hook Review

Over 4 years ago I posted this tutorial on how I make crochet-edged baby blankets.  Sarah left a comment on that post, writing, "Thanks for this! How do you poke your crochet hook through the fabric? Mine is just too dull to get the job done. Is there a special sharp hook you can use?"  Up until today, my reply would have been that I just use an ordinary size 8 steel crochet hook and keep wiggling the tip until it goes through the fabric.

Today my reply would be this:  Go to and order one of the sharp, pointy crochet hooks!

This week I tried out the sharp crochet hook on the pictured baby blanket, and yes, the hook really is pointed and easily poked through my flannel fabric.  I was able to crochet round 1 of the blanket more quickly with this hook than with my normal, blunt tip hook.  Now I did find that I still had to wiggle the hook a bit, but only because I wanted to ensure that the hook went between the fibers of fabric without tearing the fibers.  All in all, I'm pleased with this pointed hook and will definitely use it on all my baby blankets. 

For your chance to win a free sharp crochet hook, leave a comment on this post telling me  what you would make if you owned your very own Sharp Crochet Hook. If I draw your name, Jessica, at sharp crochet hook, will generously send you one!  My sewing and posting has been so sporadic of late, but I'll close this giveaway in a week or so.  In the meantime, go to Jessica's site and watch the video on how simple it is to crochet an edging on your own baby blankets.