Monday, June 26, 2006

SewChic News from Kate Marie

1. Warning to our Readers:

Jessica had to spend a few days with us this week because her husband was departed to Texas for a funeral. She was quite disturbed to be without him for so long, but we kept her busy by playing Scrabble, talking blogs, and making her do all our house work. I think she and mom had too much time to talk about blogs because this morning they excitedly told me, "We're going to redesign SewChic!".... Now, lest you get the wrong idea, that must be interpreted, "You're (as in Katie Marie) going to redesign SewChic!" They don't really have a clue about how to redesign a blog and I do. So guess what? I have the awesome privilege of working with them to get a new look up! Apart from the challenge of trying to please both of them (plus me) at the same time, this is going to be fun! Get ready...I can't promise how soon it will be, but I wanted to warn you --you know, so you don't load up SewChic one morning and fall off your chair when it looks totally different.

2. Returning Good for Evil

I'm still working on forgiving Jessica for posting those awful pictures of me last week. Since she posted that post, I've been scheming lots of ways to get back at her. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to capture any horrible shots of her, so I'm going to do something else.... Deep inside, I know I'm not really supposed to return evil for evil so I've decided to return good for evil --with a nice photo of Jessica and me.

Don't we look like sisters?

P.s. I haven't finished my apron yet...Sorry, Jess! I'm not too much of an apron sewist person. :-)


This is "Mom," and yes, I do have a clue (however small) about html and blogs and such. :-) Thanks, Katie, nice post.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Free Embroidery Patterns

This last weekend I did a little embroidery project on a tea towel for a gift. It turned out really well and I had fun working on it.

I found this charming horse pattern as well as many others at They have hundrends of vintage patterns that are free to download. Imagine how cute hand embroidery on an apron would be?

I just love these vegetable patterns.

Here is the direct link to the Pattern Library. There is also a very comprehensive Stitch Dictionary that would be helpful if you are learning to embroider.


ps. oops... when you click on the direct links above, they still take you to the homepage, but the link is highlighted on the top of the page, in a box, so just click there to get to where I was talking about.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Aprons and Giggles

Katie came and visited me this last Tuesday and Wednesday. We had so much fun visiting, cooking, shopping....and sewing!

She is making an adorable apron using the same pattern as I am, except that it is View E. Her fabrics are bright citrus oranges and pinks. I think that she is going to look like a darling little grapfruit!

Here she is cutting the apron out....we were getting a little silly. =)

Right now I use canned goods for pattern weights... in case you were wondering. Tomato sauce seems to work well!
I can't wait to see the finished apron, Katie!

Love, Jessica

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pins and Pincushions

This was not an original idea, but a fun one nevertheless. When I saw these easy to make pincushions on another blog I just had to make one for myself! (So I made two and gave one to Jessica). Then of course, I had to make Shrinky Dink pins to go with the pincushions.

This is where it got fun. We had nine people around the table drawing on Shrinky Dink and making pins! We found out that Jessica's husband is quite the artist. Actually, I already knew this, but I had never seen him in action before. The pins he made are something special! I love the intense look on the faces of these creative people. Even Matthew joined in the fun. Heather and Sam made a few Shrinky Dinks and then manned the oven to the great relief of everyone else.

I remember making things with Shrinky Dink years ago when I was a kid. I'd forgotten about it until I saw a tutorial for these pins on the Wee Wonderfuls blog. Good memories, good times. It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Vintage Aprons

I was looking through my files of sewing-related papers when I came across an envelope with this pattern for "An Apron With A Bib." It is from the September, 1963 issue of Woman's Day magazine. That's the year I was born. Pretty neat, don't you think?

Jessica, I may just use this pattern for my apron of your "apron challenge." It looks like all the instructions and pattern sheets are here. Now to find some 1963-ish fabric to use for the apron....


Wednesday, June 07, 2006


We are teaming up with my mother-in-law, Julie, to start another blog...The Little Red Hens, a cooking blog. There you will find lots of yummy recipes, menus, and pictures. We also hope to include gardening and homemaking tidbits. Right now the blog is still in the beginning stages, but we would love for you to hop over and take a look!

Cheers, Jessica

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Fast and Easy Headbands

After I posted yesterday I realized I didn't get pictures up of the headbands I made to match the girls' dresses. A few days ago I came across a blog
with some beautiful headbands and a free pattern and instructions to make them. Thank you, Heather, of My Name is Heather," for the tutorial!

Also, thank you all who have commented on my previous post. Your sweet words are such an encouragement to me.

Katie gets the credit for these beautiful pictures. She figured out how to operate my camera better than I can, with special effects and all.


Saturday, June 03, 2006

New Dress for Emily

I had a bit of fabric leftover from the skirt I made Ellen last week so I decided to make a dress for Emily using the Simplicity pattern shown below. Well, I ended up having to buy more fabric because I didn't have quite enough. That's okay, though, because I was able to make a diaper cover to match the dress, too. I should have washed the jelly off Emmy's face before taking the pictures! Isn't she a doll?!

p.s. Jessica, I am going to make an apron next, and I'm actually looking forward to doing it!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Apron Challenge

My first sewing project in my new sewing room!

Simplicity 4282. I am making the apron in the top left corner (view C in the picture below). I need something that covers my front, because I am a really messy cook, but I also like the short blue one on the right side and hope to make it someday too.

My main fabric is the green retro print below. I'm using the yellow mustard print to bind the edges with. I don't like pre-made bias binding--it's much more fun (and much more work!) to make it to coordinate with my fabric.

I've been working on it on and off for awhile now, and it's really almost done. Finished project pictures will be soon!

Mom, you asked for it... this is an Apron Sewing Challenge! I'm also inviting KT and anyone else who reads this to sew an apron!

Retro aprons are so cute, fun to wear, and still very useful in today's world. Comment with your link if you are sewing an apron right now, and if you want to take this challenge and sew one up, please send me your pictures and we will post them here!