Thursday, April 27, 2006

I am ready to sew again....

...but first I need an iron!!! The fact that I have survived for 5 weeks now with out ironing my clothes is surely a astonishing surprise to those who know me really well. At first it was ok, because most of my clothes were still pressed from when I moved them, but now, as I've washed some of them, they are wrinkled beyond wearing. It's not fun to wear wrinkled skirts to church.

What is so frustrating about the whole situation is that I'm ready to buy an iron, I'm wanting to buy an iron, I'm waiting to buy any iron... but the one I want is out of stock at Target...and has been for several weeks now. And I really do have to buy the iron at Target because of their silly return policy that requires that I buy a single item from the home department with the money from a return without a receipt...and I don't really need any other kitchen item that costs $40 or more, and I do need an iron. So frustrating. I may just have to go to OKC and check out the Targets there.

I'm looking at the Rowenta ActiPress. Has anyone used it? It doesn't have the anti drip feature that some of the higher ones do, but I'm not sure I want to pay any more extra then I have too, because I still have to buy an ironing board too.

A couple days ago I bought some really cute fabric to sew an apon out of. I'm such a messy cook and I really need an apron. I can't wait to start! (once I get an iron...sigh).

My other up and coming project is this couch. Isn't it cute? So vintage! It was an amazing garage sale find. ($15!!) I simply adore it, but although the fabric is the right colors for our living room, the pattern is too much for the stripes on the rug, don't you think? So it needs recovered. I've never done anything with recovering or upholstry, but I have to start somewhere, right? Right now I'm in the research stage. There is no way I'm going to start ripping it apart before I know what I'm doing.

that's all for now!


  1. Jess, I really like your new sofa! With what color(s) are you thinking of recovering it?

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of you garden, too. The plants you gave Daddy are doing far. :0) Hopefully, we'll have get some peppers and tomatoes! That was such a cool birthday gift to give him.

    I can't wait to go over you house to see what you've done to it!

    love you,

  2. We're thinking of doing the sofa in a burgandy or rust red color. Barn red maybe...something that would go well with the red in the rug. I'm thinking a solid but it could have a bit of texture or maybe a mini print in it. I just don't want it to take away from the stripes.

    Today I started re-texturing the bathroom ...I'm so excited to change the color and re-do it!

    Is it raining there today? We've gotten some sprinkles. Nothing much though. I'm glad the plants are doing well!

    Come over anytime!

    love you,

  3. I've got a Rowenta with the anti-drip feature, and after a few months of use, all the water pours out of the side of it. At least it doesn't drip. The iron of choice now is our 10 year old Black and Decker iron now.
    No frills, but works great!

  4. AnonymousMay 09, 2006


    I say, leave the couch material and move the rug. It's a cool rug, but the material on the couch looks just like you! Maybe you can use the rug elsewhere in the house or maybe in a different part of the living room?

    Hope you and Justin are doing well...God bless!


  5. Love the basic bones of the couch, but the upholstery is tired. I would choose a green fabric to match blend with the wood and the wall color, which seems to have a hint of green. Lovely color. If you choose a chinille (sp?) fabric, examine it carefully. I have 3 pieces in my den covered in a wide chinille and it is wearing badly. In the rec room, I have a couch in a tighter, narrower weave and it is wearing beautifully. I would love to have the 3 den pieces covered in an ultra-suede, but that is too expensive, so I have old sheets on all 3 pieces. Very classy.