Monday, March 13, 2006

Pew bow pictures

We are getting stuff done....with the help of some very good friends!

Last night a several friends came over and were able to completely finish the favors, get some sewing done, and make all the pew bows, all while Justin and I packed up a bunch of my stuff. I was amazed with how much got done and that we crossed 4 major things off our list in one evening. Our friends were truly a blessing to me.

These are the finished pewbows...hanging on our playpen. =) I was SO pleased with how they come out! They were simply big bows of tulle that poofed out to be so pretty. The roses were wired into the center and go so well with my rose flower scheme. Mom and her friend made 12 of them.

Cutting and measuring yards and yards of tulle. Notice our new red walls in our eating area? We love them!

The girls helping with making the favors.

My sister, my maid of honor, and my friend. I love you Heather!

My dad and Justin doing dishes. =)

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  1. Everything looks so beautiful! A big thanks to all your family for taking the time to post the pictures and progress during the past several months. I've really enjoyed seeing your creativity at work once again! I know this Saturday will be a gorgeous occasion. Congratulations to you both!