Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Felt Coasters for Christmas

Here are some pictures of the felt coasters I made last week. I enjoyed making and using my autumn leaf coasters so much that I went ahead and made a set for Christmas. I used the same size circles as before and just created 6 different Christmas designs for the centers. This was a really easy project that went pretty fast.

Mom is making some some beautiful felt ornaments...and I can't wait for her to share them!

Enjoy this season!



  1. Jessica,

    Those are absolutely adorable!!!! You have been busy behind the scenes!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  2. these are just the cutest little coasters :)

  3. Very, very cute, Jessica - you are so creative! Wow!
    It was good to get your Christmas card! I will be sending one out to you soon! Love ya!