Friday, February 02, 2007

Treasures, Part 2

Treasures from the Closet, Part 2

I smocked this little baby bishop dress in 1995 when I was expecting Ellen, my 4th daughter. I can remember working on the dress, anticipating with joy the baby's soon arrival. This was the first bishop-style dress and I was pleased with the outcome. When the dress was finished I also made a matching bonnet and coordinating slip. Unfortunately, I cannot find a picture of Ellen wearing the dress.

The dress and bonnet are made from a rosebud poly/cotton print. Bullion roses are embroidered on the smocking and on the bonnet. The batiste underslip is a simple pattern that I used to make in every size as needed for my growing girls. I shadow-embroidered the bow and bullion roses at the slip's hemline.

The pattern I used was "Wee Care Gown or Sacque" by Stitches of Love in the newborn size. I don't know if this specific pattern is still available, but a similar pattern can be found at to be used for the express purpose of sewing for babies who have died or are about to die. Today many smocking guilds across the nation have adopted the "Wee Care" service project of sewing and smocking these gowns for premature or stillborn babies. Someday, I also would like to make more of these gowns and participate in the Wee Care program.



  1. How beautiful! Your work is lovely.

  2. Ruth,

    That outfit is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Your smocking and shadow embroidery are amazing!!! Can't wait to see what you are cooking up for Easter this year!!!

  3. There is nothing sweeter than a baby bishop...

  4. Gorgeous, what a beautiful dress!! Even close up it looks perfect!

    Jeannie W.