Friday, June 29, 2007

Zippered Bag

I don’t often need a full-size diaper bag anymore, so today I sewed up a couple of zippered bags just the right size for one or two diapers and a travel-size wipes container. I’m keeping one bag for Emily’s use, and putting the second in my Etsy store. Now I keep thinking of all kinds of things I could store in these little bags.... Maybe I need to go sew a few more!


Edit: Yes, I did sew a few more--all with coordinating fabric I won as a door prize at the last quilt guild meeting I attended. These are so much fun!


  1. Ruth,

    That is so cute!!! Did you make the pattern up? I need to make one up for Seth.

    Love it!


  2. Heather,
    Yes, I made the pattern up. Basically it's just a rectangle. I lined the bag and put in a canvas interlining to give it some body.

    Email your address to me and I'll make one for Seth. Any special dimensions you'd like the bag to be?

  3. What a cute bag! Love the fabric you chose!

  4. Ruth, You are so sweet! I will email you.

    Love, Heather