Monday, September 10, 2007

My review of Simiplicity 4111

This top is from Simplicity's "Built By You" line of patterns. Most of them are really over the top trendy (in my opinion), but I thought this one was kind of fun. A little on the bold side for me, but it's fun to be trendy sometimes. =)

I like the went together easily and quickly. I made the size 6 and thought it was a good fit. The underarm seam sits high and close, but not so much that I can't wear it. I just have to be careful not to rip the seams when I pull it over my head (it's a pullover style).

I did make a few changes...The neckline is very low...I raised it 3 inches just for some modesty, and I think it still looks good without being so revealing.

The sleeve hems are finished with elastic. Yuck! I just gathered the bottom edge and sewed in to a 3/4" wide band instead. I like the band a lot better then the recommended elastic.

Total cost: $3
$1 for the pattern and $2 for cheap Walmart fabric. Thread, buttons, and elastic came from my stash.



  1. Nice Job! I saw this pattern and liked it, but passed it up because of the low neckline. I agree - it looks just great brought up a bit.

  2. Your top looks great! I agree with the neckline adjustment. Congrats and good wearing!

  3. Your new top looks great! The wristlet and clothes pin bag are too cute! Love the picture of your boys too!

  4. cute. I like the neckline raised too. I saw some cute fabric marked down to $1.00 a yard at Walmart today. It wasn't the fabric that comes in at $1.00, but was originally $4.00, I think.

  5. I love it... it is sooo nice...

    and I miss Walmart, too... I have lived in the States couple years ago...

    The craft section is much wider than here in Germany... but I won't complain and don't ask me to show you my fabrics... I have more than enough... lol... so I promised myself to sew first all the fabrics before I buy new one...

    But it is so hard to keep to my comittment sometimes...

    Warm regards