Friday, September 19, 2008

A few recent family pictures...

This morning Elliot had fun doing a simple "bean pouring" activity.

I got the idea from Barbra Curtis's book Mommy Teach Me. Basically the child learns order, carefulness, and hand/eye coordination from carefully transferring beans (or rice, or water) from one bowl to the next with a spoon or scoop. This requires some supervision, but it keeps him in his high chair long enough for me to get the dishes done!

Pretty simple, but Elliot thinks doing this is a blast! When he was done, he helped pick up all the beans he spilled in the tray and the few that fell to the floor.

We took him to a small, local zoo a couple weeks ago. It was perfect weather, cool and almost misty. The animals were very interesting to Elliot...except when they got too nosy, like the goats below. He was worried they were going to eat him!

However, he did get a kick out of petting the skunk. Yes, it was de-scented!

Justin and I just recently celebrated the 3 year anniversary of when we got engaged. It was pouring rain, but we still made it out to the park where it happened and had the identical picnic that we ate 3 years ago...well almost. I forgot the croissant rolls, so we ate chicken salad by itself.

Because of the rain we had to picnic under a pavilion instead of on the grass... but walking around the park, under an umbrella, in the that was really quite romantic.

That's all for now!


  1. Elliot is such a cutie! I love his expression when he was touching the goat.

  2. I love that red hair! I'm a redhead, but none of my 3 children inherited it - so now I'm just waiting for redheaded grandchildren. Someday. Not too soon! LOL

  3. What a neat idea to celebrate your engagement. Your little guy is getting big and that is a fun idea to do with him... as long as he knows NOT to put them in his nose or ears! LOL Sorry ten years in pediatrics... I have lots of experience getting beans out of places they are not meant to be. Hope you are feeling good in your pg.