Saturday, February 25, 2012

Too Much Green

Daughter ABC, who loves bright green, picked out some fabric for a simple skirt.  Mom BAD (me) inadvertently cut out the wrong size for the skirt and didn't have enough fabric to cut another.  So Daughter XYZ gets the skirt.  Good thing XYZ also likes bright green.  So sorry, ABC.  

XYZ informs me that she will NOT wear her Kermit shirt with the skirt.  It's the shirt she happened to have on when I coerced her into trying on the skirt for a picture.  Personally, I think the shirt and skirt look rather good together.  But then, I do not like green.  

The pattern:  Simplicity 4285, a skirt with curved yoke sewn to a gathered skirt with options for various trims; side zipper.  


  1. It is fabulous,so much green but so much perfect

  2. Cute kid! The skirt's not so bad, either!

  3. I've always heard that lime green is a perfect neutral...LOL!

  4. Wow, Mom. I look 11 in these pictures. No wonder the waiter gave me a kiddie cup today. :-(

  5. Heh, I actually like the kermit shirt with the skirt too. It's a perfect casual outfit!:) But then again, maybe I'm not the one to dole out fashion advice.

    Great skirt!