Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Dance Day

This year I wasn't planning on making an Easter dress for 6-year old Emily. After all, I have saved all the previous years of handmade Easter dresses that I've made for Emily's 4 older sisters, including some beautiful smocked and embroidered dresses, and certainly Emily could wear one of them.


1. Emily is not a smocked and embroidered kind of girl. Not a Fancy-Nancy kind of girl unless she's playing dress-up.

2. Emily has grown taller, and she really can use some simpler summer dresses.

3. I feel like sewing. I feel like sewing for Emily. I need something fast and easy to sew--instant gratification sewing. I need a break from all the knitting I've been doing.

4. My eldest, wise-daughter, Jessica, reminded me the other day that Emily is growing up quickly and that she will not always want me to sew for her. That I should sew for her while she's still young, because the years go by so swiftly and it won't be too long before Em won't want to wear the clothing I sew.

SO--Today I am sewing a dress for Emily!

It's a Happy Dance kind of day. :)


  1. Every deserves a new, mama-made dress every once in a while! That one will be cute.

  2. It's fun to sew for little girls!

    I made that pattern for my granddaughter. You'll find lots of helpful reviews on it over at patternreview.com (including mine.)

    Happy sewing!

  3. Have fun sewing for Emily, btw, I have left you an award on my blog.

  4. EXACT same pattern I used for Miss Rachel's Easter dress ;)