Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Start of Something New

The start of something new.  New babies, that is.  And new knitting projects for new babies.  Two new grandbabies due in the spring, and I am giddy with joy. 

My newest knitting project is a white blanket for a precious, yet unborn, baby boy or girl.  The pattern is the Pine Forest Baby Blanket, modified.  I'm using a wool-acrylic blend yarn (Berroco Vintage DK) which is machine washable and dryable, making it a good choice for baby items.  

A few days ago I spent the day with three of my five daughters.  We went to town and shopped and ate and drank coffee (okay, I was the only one who drank the coffee) and ate chocolate and looked at art galleries and ate some more and looked at antique shops and ate again (I had forgotten how hungry pregnant women can be!) and just enjoyed hanging out together.  We missed my lives-in-Switzerland daughter tremendously, but it was a fun and enjoyable day otherwise.  It was a day that I hope to repeat many, many times.  I am so blessed.



  1. Congratulations! We love any excuse to sew (and knit!)...but especially love new babies!!! Yum...a day out eating...my kind of day! ;-)

  2. I too am expecting a new baby grandchild in the Spring............beautiful blanket and lovely picture of you and your girls..........precious times indeed.

  3. can't believe how similar your new project is to these......


    Great minds think alike!

    Lovely photo of the 4 of you.....enjoy all the excitement to come xx

    1. Those are beautiful blankets! Thank you for the link.

  4. That was a special time! I sure know that feeling of having a good time with my sister (and s-i-l's) but missing the rest of them. (Not as far as Switzerland for sure, but scattered across the country.) Looks like Jessica is one of the expectant mothers - exciting!