Friday, February 01, 2013

Messenger Bag

My bag has been finished now for several weeks, and I've been enjoying it since then.  The pattern is from Lori at Girls in the Garden.  The bag is a nice size--not too big, and not too small.  (An iPad fits in it along with my other usual purse contents).  

The changes I made to the pattern are few:
  • added hardware for an adjustable strap.
  • reinforced the strap with grosgrain ribbon.
  • added a 3rd pocket for my cell phone.
  • added a snap closure to the inside pocket .

Changes I wish I had made:
  • put the extra pocket under the front flap instead of in the back.
  • added batting to the front flap.  (It is interfaced, but the flap is still pretty flimsy).
  • paid better attention to the fabric flower motif.  I don't like how the 2 big blue flowers are adjacent on the front of the bag.

Note:  There are no pattern pieces given for the pattern, just a set of instructions with the dimensions given for each pattern piece.  The layout drawings are clear cut, and the instructions are easy to follow.  The fabric requirements are spot on.  I had practically no leftover fabric, just enough to cut out a third pocket.

Likes:  The design of the bag is what first caught my attention.  I like the long strap that can be worn cross-shoulder, and I like my modification of making an adjustable strap so it can also be worn over one shoulder.  I like that the purse has multiple pockets--one on the inside and two on the outside.  

Dislikes:  The pattern was difficult to read in places, especially where the print was placed on the blue and pink background colors.  

big pocket, another zippered pocket, and my additional small pocket
Gotta love pockets!

snap added to inside pocket 
(My snap press from diaper-making days still comes in handy!)

 The instructions call for interfacing the straps, but I also inserted grosgrain ribbon for additional sturdiness.  If I had had strap webbing on hand, I would have used it instead of the grosgrain.  


  1. Your bag turned out so pretty, Ruth. I like the changes you made.

    1. Thank you, Lori! I love the pattern and can see myself making it again.

  2. I like all those pockets...especially the zippered one in the back. Great bag!

  3. Lovely bag. Seems like a nice practical bag. Love the colors. I really love your blog, btw!

    1. I've been using the bag for several weeks now and yes, it is practical. It fits my needs. Thank you for the comment!

  4. Love the bag and I love you!! Miss you too!!

  5. Thank you, Theresa! I love and miss you too.

  6. Awesome bag. Putting ribbon in the strap is a good idea!