Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Vintage makeover

This laundry bag made from a vintage bedspread I'd got at a garage sale years ago. Despite the fact that it is threadbare, stained, and torn in places, I loved the print and used to use it on my bed at home. In fact, this fabric was the background for our original SewChic blog design...Today, part of that bedspread became a small-sized laundry bag for delicates...

I got the inspiration from Anna's bag at Pleasant View Schoolhouse. I love her blog.

I had fun sewing on two ruffly tulle flowers. I like how they add dimension to the front. The whole thing is so delicate; faded, worn and old ladyish...I love it!


  1. Oh, Jessica, the bag is beautiful! I can't believe you cut up your special bedspread though. What other projects do you have planned for the remainder of the fabric?

  2. What a beautiful laundry bag! I used to love hanging clothes out to dry, it was so relaxing.

  3. Other projects? I'm thinking a tea cozy would be fun, and maybe a few ruffly heart-shaped pillows for my bed....we'll see.