Thursday, October 02, 2008

regarding Ottobre

This was just going to be a reply in the form of a comment, but since it got so long I decided just to post it here:

Thank you for your comments. I enjoy them all. You are all so sweet! I think one reason I have enjoyed this season of sewing right now is because Emily is so fun to sew for. My other children keep asking when I'm going to sew for them. : )

captain momma: Yes, Ottobre is rather expensive. It took me 2 years to break down and buy a subscription, and then I used gift money to pay for it. I've since found out that because the magazine has so many patterns in each issue (32-40, usually) that the price really isn't much per pattern.

Also, I find that I'm not buying as many other patterns now that I have a few Ottobre issues. The designs in Ottobre are classic, adorable, and the size ranges are varied. I will be able to sew from these magazines for many more years. So, to sum it up, even though Ottobre is expensive, it is worth it for me. : )

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  1. What is the cost, exactly? I have a birthday coming up...I tried to figure out what it would be but didn't know if the exchange rate I found was accurate.

  2. Ottobre is TOTALLY worth the money!!! I never buy kids patterns anymore. They are so much better than American patterns in style & fit too.

  3. I agree its worth the money.... I think I have only about 6 patterns in the last 4 years - all Kwiksew. Before the first Ottobre Women came out, I got a few patterns for me, I've taken a couple of courses that required a specific pattern and the KwikSew one piece kids pj pattern.

    (for exchange rates go to

  4. I have an abo here in Germany too... it is really worth the price...

    Single Patterns are much more expensive... and the Ottobre patterns doesn't loose in value...

    The one from the very first beginning are hard to get ans so is the price on ebay really really high...

    I am one of the lucky one who have it all now...

    warmest regards


  5. I think it also helps to look at the line drawings in the center of the magazine to see what the patterns look like. Sometimes it is too easy to be distracted by a print or color that is a fad and not see the "good bones" of a pattern. Several times I have looked at those line drawings and thought "Oh cute!", then thumbed through to see the corresponding photo - surprised that I never took a second look at that.

    The exchange rates are a little better now. I get mine from Jan - She has awesome service on both ebay and her website.

    I have purchased back issues at Sewzanne's too.

  6. Thanks Ruth, that does put in perspective much better! It'll probably take me 2 years to convince my husband to buy it for me though! LOL!

  7. One more they have much for patterns for boys or is it mostly girls or all girls stuff for the kids patterns?


  8. I just came back to say that I subscribed with and it says $58 for the children's 4 issues only (includes shipping etc) but she emailed to say it will be only $55 because of the change in the exchange rate. Also you get to pick one back issue FREE! So that makes it $11 per issue you receive and you do get a lot for that.

    For Captain Momma... yes, there are a lot of BOY things in there, the best selection I have seen anywhere. I have not started sewing anything for my son out of it yet, but I have a few things on my list to try... they have everything from jeans to hoodies to appliqued tshirts to dress shirts. Each issue has boy clothes in baby to about preteen size. I don't think you would have a problem finding something you liked for a boy. (Hope you don't mind I posted this Ruth!)

  9. Theresa---I don't mind at all that you posted what you did! I appreciate all the help and information that you gave. It sounds like now is a good time to get or renew a subscription from Wooly Thread.