Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to Make Valentines Day Cards with a Toddler

Elliot and I made Valentine's Day flower cards this week. Wow, as you can tell from the photos, he loves to do any type of craft that involves paper, glue, stickers, and mommy. =)

I got the idea for these cards from the last Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

First have all your supplies ready to go. This keeps things moving smoothly and keeps the mess down too!

Here we have pre-cut construction paper cards, mini muffin cups, Elmers glue, pre-cut felt stems and leaves, and little foam stickers from the Dollar Tree.

Gluing the mini muffin cups down...

Next we glue the a felt stem down.

Add two felt leaves to make a flower.

Yay, this is so much fun!

Finish the flower with a sticker in the middle of the muffin cup.

End with one very happy little kid!!

Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. He's really a cutie. The cards are nice, too!

  2. Oh, how precious. He's having so much fun. What a cute card idea. Thanks. If you want a quick and easy and really cute idea for a heart bag to keep valentines in made out of a paper grocery bag, I'll be posting some on my art blog Saturday.

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  3. How sweet is that big grin of his? He is too cute. Glad he had fun making Valentines.
    When my son was that age, he didn't like using glue. Didn't like getting dirty.

  4. How funny! You can tell he loves it; the craft sense must run in the family.

  5. Happy Birthday, to my favorite grandson! :) You are so cute and adorable!!!!!! Love, Grammy

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